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Care Guides

How to care for your Garden Furniture

All of our outdoor furniture is designed to be virtually maintenance free. With just a little love, you can keep it looking its best year after year.

How to care your Outdoor Waterproof Cushions

Bridgman’s exclusive Weather-Resistant Cushions are made from a durable material well suited to surviving the elements.

Arundel Collection

Care guide for the luxury Arundel Sofa Collection upholstered in Marine Upcycled Nori Seaqual fabric.

Buckingham & Sandford Collections

Care guide for the luxury Buckingham & Sandford Sofa Collections upholstered in Caleido Natural fabric.

Sandringham Collection

Care guide for the luxury Sandringham Sofa Collection upholstered in Lilac Chenille Aquaclean fabric.

Sunbury Collection

Care guide for the luxury Sunbury Sofa Collection upholstered in Atropa Chenille fabric.

Victoria Collection

Care guide for the luxury Victoria Sofa Collection upholstered in Bellis Velvet Aquaclean fabric.

Buying Guides

Guide to our Luxury Sofa Fabrics

With an array of beautiful colours and sumptuous finishes to choose from, get to know the fabric upholstering our Luxury Sofa Collection.

Fully Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

Indulge in stress-free relaxation with the UK's first fully waterproof cushions. You no longer have to worry about stains, spillages or the erratic English weather.


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