Fully Inclusive Furniture

We believe that furniture should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what. That’s why our award-winning Dining and Lounging Collections have been specially designed to support full inclusivity.


Thoughtful features like high-back seating options provide comfort and full back support, while deep seats ensure all sitters are safe and comfortable when seated on our furniture. Our dining tables and chairs facilitate wheelchair access for ease of movement, while practical touches like rounded edges and armrests ensure easy grip for those with mobility issues, and our sumptuous, fully waterproof cushions provide practicality and peace of mind.


Our secure range of safe, robust and high-quality furniture has been ergonomically and aesthetically designed to meet the needs of those with dementia.
  • Waterproof cushions - brightly coloured for contrast
  • Ergonomic design - full back support & comfort for prolonged sitting periods
  • Easy wipe-clean surfaces - to assist infection control
  • High back - to support proper posture
  • Waterproof frame - for strength, durability & weather-resistance
  • Armrests - clearly separated for function recognition


Wheelchair access has also been thoughtfully incorporated into the design of our lounging and dining sets.
  • Table height - optimised for wheelchair users
  • Rounded edges - providing a place to grip
  • Chair height - to aid ease of movement
  • Waterproof frame - fully weather-resistant
  • HPL tabletop - antibacterial, wipe-clean surface
  • Deep seats - additional comfort and support
To learn more about how our fully inclusive furniture can benefit commercial venues, visit our Care IRC Commercial Section.

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