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Waterproof Cushions

The UK's first & only fully waterproof cushions

Indulge in stress-free relaxation with the world’s first fully waterproof cushions. You no longer have to worry about stains, spillages or the erratic English weather, with our exclusive collection of fully waterproof cushions. Whether it’s coffee or red wine, spillages just wipe off.


Simple to clean, mild soapy water and a soft brush to lift away surface dirt is all that is needed to keep your waterproof cushions looking as good as new. They're also Teflon treated, making them almost impossible to stain – we’ve tested it with red wine, coffee and even pure bleach.


The fully waterproof cushions are exclusive to Bridgman and are made to specifically fit Bridgman home and garden furniture. Not only do we supply seat and back cushions, we also have a range of waterproof decorative scatter cushions.


Browse our collection of furniture with fully waterproof cushions included, with guarantees of up to 10 years and fast and free delivery.

Fully waterproof cushions exclusive to Bridgman

We spent six years developing and refining an exclusive collection of waterproof cushions that can remain outside throughout all weathers from sun to rain.


The marine grade acrylic fabric used on our home and garden cushions is completely waterproofed with a special membrane that will not let water through the outer fabric. This allows us to use soft foam that you sink into, making Bridgman furniture the most comfortable available.


For the fully waterproof cushions to breathe, the cushions are vented, so a small amount of moisture will be absorbed inside the covers. In normal conditions, this will quickly dry out and will not be noticed. Lifting or turning cushions to allow circulation of air is recommended after extended periods of rain.

Waterproof Cushion FAQs

are your cushions really waterproof?

Waterproof Cushions are offered as standard across the majority of our All Seasons range, and yes, they really are fully waterproof – not only that, but they are also virtually stain-proof, we have even tested them against red wine and bleach!

We spent 6 years developing and refining the cushions that make use of marine grade acrylic fabric, a waterproof membrane and Teflon treated yarn and are proud to exclusively offer the UK’s first fully waterproof cushions.

can the garden furniture really be left outside all year round?

Yes, all our garden furniture is made with materials that can remain outside all year long, in rain, snow and sun.

Our exclusive Waterproof Cushions feature on many of our ranges and is resilient enough to withstand unexpected downpours and most stains. Where Standard Cushions are provided, these should be removed and stored during wet weather.

can i buy any cushion colour with any weave?

Yes, however if this differs from what is offered in that collection, the cushions will need to be made bespoke. This does not incur additional cost but will prolong the lead time. Bespoke cushions have a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

do you supply made to measure cushions?

Unfortunately, this is not a service that we supply at present.

do you have any after care guides for your cushions?

Click here to view our furniture care guides, including how to care for your waterproof cushions.

can i buy replacement cushions?

Yes, please contact us at sales@bridgman.co.uk.


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