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How to Choose Your Perfect Sofa

Choosing a sofa can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Our buying guide is here to make your sofa-buying decisions a breeze, with everything you need to know to help you choose the perfect sofa for your home and lifestyle.


Keep things simple by beginning your decision-making journey with these three considerations in mind:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Fabric



Measure your space to work out the size of your new sofa. Clear the space in the room where your new Sofa, Armchair or Footstool will go and measure the width and length of this space to figure out the maximum dimensions for your new living room suite. To help visualise how the sofa will sit within your space, lay out pieces of paper in the shape of the piece to establish whether you can still comfortably move around the room.


2 Seater Sofas

Ideal for couples, our 2 Seater Sofas are an excellent choice for smaller spaces in need of maximum comfort, as well as larger settings when paired with another sofa. 2 Seater Sofas can come with one seat cushion with a fixed back cushion, as in our Arundel Collection, or two seat cushions and two back cushions, like our Sandringham and Buckingham 2 Seater Sofas.

3 Seater Sofas

3 Seater Sofas are an excellent choice for three sitters, or two people who want more space to spread out. Expect three seat and back cushions, like our Sunbury Large 3 Seater Sofa, or 2 longer cushions, as in our Buckingham, Sandringham, Victoria and regular Sunbury 3 Seaters.

4 Seater Sofas

Big enough for the whole family, 4 Seater Sofas are the perfect way to futureproof your home for guests, visitors and any new additions. Only available in our Sandford and Victoria Collections, 4 Seater Sofas are an elongated version of their 3 Seater counterparts.

Corner Sofas

Fill large spaces with an L-shaped Corner Sofa, ideal for living rooms in need of lots of seating that doesn’t take up too much room. Comprising two perpendicular seating areas, our Corner Sofas are available in left and right hand configurations.

Chaise Sofas

Designed to support hours of luxurious lounging, Chaise Sofas are characterised by their distinctive L-shape, created by one end seat being longer than the rest. Our Chaise Sofas and Chaise Corner Sofas come in a variety of sizes across our collections, with a unique Double Chaise Corner Sofa available in the Buckingham style.

Armchairs & Footstools

Armchairs and Footstools are the natural companions to any sofa you choose. For reading nooks, cosy corners, dressing rooms and hallways, an armchair provides a perfectly petite place to sit down and relax when space is at a premium. Footstools also allow for extra seating in a pinch, while also providing a place to put your feet up and recline in absolute luxury.


With six premium collections to choose from, there’s a sofa to suit every space.

Our strikingly elegant Arundel Collection is perfect for contemporary spaces. The collection puts a modern spin on the classic wingback style, pairing sweeping curves and slender arms with exceptional comfort. To enhance your seating experience, lower-back pillows provide additional lumbar support.

Luxurious, dramatic and beautifully unique, the Victoria Collection is guaranteed to become the heart of any living room. Characterised by beautiful blind button detailing, the collection is a modern take on the classic Chesterfield style. Slender legs and a low profile have been paired with generous seats and supportive cushions for a sophisticated yet sumptuous seating experience, perfect for decadent living spaces.

The elegantly classic and stylishly cosy Buckingham Collection blends timeless simplicity and contemporary design. The streamlined symmetry of Buckingham furniture is beautifully versatile, perfectly suiting any style of living space. The generous proportions, deep cushions and low profile of each piece ensures a sublime sitting experience every single time, alongside feather filled lower back cushions that provide additional lumbar support.

Stylishly sophisticated and sumptuously comfortable, our Sunbury Collection is perfect for contemporary living rooms. Blending clean lines, slender legs and generous cushions, the full collection guarantees all-over comfort and alluring elegance for hours of luxurious lounging with friends and family.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the Sandringham Collection is a modestly modern twist on mid-century style. Marrying delicate aesthetics with a light, stylish design, the gently flared arms, smooth cushions and slender profile of each sofa, armchair and footstool instantly invite you to settle down and relax.

The timeless Sandford Collection is luxuriously comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Designed in a classic, grand style, the generous deep seats, plush cushions and wide armrests of each Sandford sofa are beautifully versatile, perfectly suiting modern and classically styled living spaces.


The upholstery you choose for your new furniture can dramatically transform it instantly. From a purely aesthetic point of view, fabrics can alter the style of a piece, while functionality can be altered thanks to the unique properties of each material. So, consider where your sofa will go, how it will be used and who’s using it.


With over 50 vegan fabric options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down which colour and material is best for you. Order your free fabric samples to see and feel the quality, colour and texture of our materials to help you pick your favourite.


Colour match your swatch to your existing space or planned room design to make sure you pick the right shade. Consider if darker, more forgiving colours would best suit your home and family, or whether lighter and more neutral tones would be best if you’re likely to fancy changing your room’s decor in the not so distant future. For busy families with mucky little ones (or clumsy adults prone to an accident or two), focus your attention on our premium stain-resistant Aquaclean fabrics. Or, for a choice as good for your home as it is for our planet, choose a shade of our fully recycled and upcycled Nori Seaqual Chenille.


Find out more about our individual material options in our Luxury Sofa Fabrics Buying Guide.

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