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Guide To Our Luxury Sofa Fabrics

With an array of beautiful colours and sumptuous finishes to choose from, get to know the fabric upholstering our Premium Sofa Collection. All luxurious, all vegan, all specially selected to enhance your home.

  • Inspired by the ocean
  • 50,000 rub count
  • 7 colour options
  • 100% recycled & upcycled materials

Nori Seaqual Chenille is a unique material inspired by the colours and shades of the sea and made using 100% recycled materials. Seaqual fabric has both a unique appearance and unique properties, consisting of a blend of upcycled marine plastic that is cleaned and transformed into a new, fully traceable raw material. During the weaving process of this innovative material, any waste is recycled, energy and water consumption is minimised, and no toxic products are used. Nori fabric is a beautiful choice for your furniture and a wonderful choice for our planet.

  • Deep and luxurious
  • 100,000 rub count
  • 9 colour options
  • 100% polyester

Ideal for busy families, Bellis is an easy-to-clean, luxurious velvet. An Aquaclean treatment has been applied to this sumptuous velvet which allows you to banish the majority of household stains, like wine, pen, coffee and food, by simply wiping with water. The treatment covers every fibre of the fabric with an invisible coating that doesn't need to be re-treated or re-coated, making it the perfect choice for busy households where you might be worried about potential stains.

  • Soft to the touch
  • 25,000 rub count
  • 10 colour options
  • 41% polyester, 48% acrylic, 11% cotton

Wonderfully soft and inviting, Atropa Chenille is available in a range of warm, earthy shades. Thick and luxurious, the fabric has a soft fringe and velvet-like feel. The special chenille yarn achieves a beautiful appearance characterised by fluffiness and an uneven texture that results in a peculiar play of light and shadow.

  • Smooth and natural
  • 32,500 rub count
  • 16 colour options
  • 63% cotton, 37% linen

Caleido Natural is a stunning fabric available in earthy, natural shades to suit every home and interior style. Woven from the finest cotton and linen, this smooth fabric emphasises a soft and sumptuous comfort. With the right maintenance and a wash from time to time, this durable fabric will last for many years to come.

  • Soft and durable
  • 60,000 rub count
  • 10 colour options
  • 19% modacrylic, 73% polyester, 8% cotton

Combining the best properties of Bellis and Atropa, our Lilac Aquaclean Chenille fabric is soft, sumptuous and simple to clean. Perfect for busy families as common household stains can be banished with just water.


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