Aquaclean Fabrics

What is Aquaclean Technology?

Enjoy relaxing moments on your sofa, resting assured that Aquaclean® Technology will enable you to remove household stains such as coffee, wine, pen marks and chocolate, with just water alone.

Aquaclean presents a revolutionary new anti-stain technology so you can enjoy your sofa with total peace of mind. The treatment not only repels liquids, but also acts as a cleaning facilitator by making stains more transferrable from fabric to water, which simplifies cleaning and gets stains out faster, even long after staining has occurred.

Aquaclean Care Instructions

Follow these three easy steps to ensure your sofa stays looking brand new for longer:

  1. Remove any excess residue on the upholstery by carefully scraping the stain surface (do not use a sharp object as this may rip the fabric)
  2. Apply water over the stain and wait a few seconds
  3. Press down over the stain with a damp cloth and rub gently over the fabric in circular movements. If the stain does not come off completely, repeat the process as required

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