How To Choose Your Sofa Bed

Sofa Beds are a must have for any home and an essential for both long haul guests and surprise visitors alike. Finding a stylish sofa that effortlessly folds out into a comfortable bed is no mean feat, so we've put together a helpful guide to make choosing your perfect furniture quick and easy.


Measure your space to work out the size of your new sofa bed. Clear a space in the room where your new sofa will go, then measure the width and length to figure out the maximum dimensions you have to work with. To help visualise how the sofa bed will sit within your space, lay out pieces of paper in the shape of the sofa when set to a bed to establish whether you can still comfortably move around the room. Make sure you also consider any window heights and the measurements of doors or structures you’ll have to get the sofa bed through, as well as extra space for other furniture such as side tables.


Our exquisite sofa beds are part of our Ludlow Collection, designed for togetherness and enjoying every special moment together. These stylish sofas combine a versatile design, characterised by gently curved armrests, with modern practicality, and unfold effortlessly into generous beds. You don't even need to remove the cushions.

3 Seater Sofa Beds

Stylish and practical, our 3 Seater Sofa Bed offers plenty of room for up to three people to sit back, relax and enjoy time together. The sofa bed effortlessly folds out to a European double size, perfect for occasional use.

4 Seater Sofa Beds

Our 4 Seater Sofa Bed is ideal for larger spare rooms or if you're looking to use your sofa bed as your main living room sofa. The bed is a European king size with plenty of room for two sleepers.

Chaise Sofa Beds

Designed to support hours of luxurious lounging, our Chaise Sofa Beds are characterised by their distinctive L-shape, created by one end seat being longer than the rest. They’re a great option for main living rooms as well as sitting rooms or spare rooms, unfolding out into a generous European king size bed.

Quick Delivery

Our Quick Delivery Ludlow Sofa Beds are a stunning, space-saving solution ready to transform your home in just two weeks. Available in our 3 or 4 Seater Sofa Bed styles in your choice of Blue or Beige Atropa Chenille fabric.


Our Sofa Beds are upholstered in luxurious Atropa Chenille fabric. With a 25,000 Martindale rub count, the chenille is wonderfully soft, strong and washable, in warm earthy shades. The weave achieves a beautiful appearance characterised by fluffiness and a velvet-like feel.



Are sofa beds less comfortable than regular sofas?

Functioning both as a sofa and a bed, we know how important it is to find furniture that’s comfortable for both sleep and everyday use. So you can rest assure that we've made sure that every element of our sofa beds ensures sumptuous comfort.

How do you care for a sofa bed?

All sofas need a bit of TLC every now and again. We recommend regularly moving and plumping loose cushions to redistribute the filling and keep the cushion shape. Upholstery should also be regularly brushed with a soft brush to prevent hair compression on the fabric surface, especially in the most frequently used places.

How comfortable are your sofa bed mattresses?

Our sofa beds have Bonnell spring mattresses, some of the most comfortable and luxurious around. A Bonnell spring mattress consists of a system of interlinked springs that offer contouring support, finished with a thick layer of quilting and foam and further reinforced with strong border wire to retain its shape.



How To Choose Your Perfect Sofa
Everything you need to choose the right sofa for your home and lifestyle.

How To Dress Your Sofa
Express your style without redecorating your home.

How To Choose Your Perfect Sofa
Everything you need to choose the right sofa for your home and lifestyle.

How To Dress Your Sofa
Express your style without redecorating your home.

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