Step into the New Year and transform your outdoor space.

Make a New Year's resolution with us to tidy up and make way for spring. Beyond the allure of garden furniture and outdoor accessories, the often-overlooked heroes are outdoor furniture covers and storage. They play a crucial role in safeguarding your investment. We want to help ensure your garden stays pristine, organised, and effortlessly stylish throughout the year.


Our commitment to premium outdoor furniture is a pledge for endurance in all weather conditions. Explore the art of preservation with our bespoke protective covers, promising your outdoor sanctuary the grace and elegance to withstand the test of time.

Rectangular Coffee Tale Cover


  • Rectangular Coffee Table Cover: Effortlessly preserving your favourite coffee table with this magic Rectangular Coffee Table Cover. It ensures maximum safety with minimal effort during wet and cold days.

  • Round Garden Furniture Set Cover
  • Premium Round Garden Furniture Set Cover: Provide all year-round protection for smaller dining sets, specially designed to shield your furniture from the harshest weather conditions.

  • Cushion Storage Bag
  • Cushion Storage Bag: Boasting impressive capacity, our cushion storage bag safeguards your seating cushions when not in use, ensuring they remain in perfect condition.



Experience the seamless fusion of style and functionality with our exclusive storage solutions. Each meticulously designed cover and thoughtfully crafted cushion storage box are a testament to the impeccable condition we promise for your luxury outdoor furniture.



  • Mayfair Cushion Storage Box: A part of our popular Mayfair Collection, this storage box combines robust construction with stylish design, offering ample cushion space and providing excellent value without compromising style.

  • Chester XXL Cushion Storage Box: Crafted by Keter, this water-resistant plastic storage box with a padlock option has an impressive capacity, making it versatile for various outdoor items and even additional seating for gatherings.


Our Outdoor Furniture Care Guide shares the care required for Bridgman’s premium rattan, resin, rope, and aluminium collections. Uncover the gentle touch needed for nurturing and preserving your outdoor fabrics, ensuring they age gracefully.


  • All Season Rattan Collections: Handwoven around aluminium frames, clean with a cloth and warm, soapy water or our Woven Cleaner. For a powerful clean, jet wash from a distance on a low setting.

  • Fully Upholstered Ascot Collection: Minimal maintenance focusing on proper drainage during rain and protection from stains. Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap.

  • Wooden Club Collection: Clean with a jet wash on low setting, let dry for 48 hours, and gently rub down raised patches with low grit sandpaper. Optionally apply water-based treatment for a cosmetic finish.

As you enter the New Year, let our guide help you achieve a clutter-free, sophisticated outdoor lifestyle. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and functionality as you create an outdoor haven that reflects your style and invites you to savour every moment with utmost comfort and elegance.

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