Grey rattan dining set on a shingle patio surrounded by hedges.

Big ideas for small spaces...

When space is at a premium, designing and decorating your garden can feel like an impossible task. So, we’ve brought together our top tips and tricks to help you create an outstanding outdoor space you’ll never underestimate again. Read on to discover our top 3 ideas for small gardens.


Steer clear of cluttering up a small garden patio area with furniture that sits empty most of the time by thinking smart with stylish and space-saving flexible furniture. Choose stackable chairs, bar stools and even sun loungers that you can store away when not in use. Pair with a foldable table for a set you can effortlessly move to one side whenever you choose.

Modern grey dining set on a patio.


If you’ve run out of space for new garden beds, it’s time to try vertical gardening. From hanging planters along a fence to using trellises for vines and other climbing plants, vertical gardens provide more growing space as well as upright accents to make your garden look bigger. Plus, their distinctive look offers the opportunity to add interest to your small garden by covering boring walls with bold blossoming colours and greenery.

Natural rattan dining set on a patio in front of a wall of ivy and lavendar.


Well placed accents can create optical illusions that will make your garden look more exciting and more spacious. Place lanterns, lights and other carefully selected accessories around the space to create a sense of repetition and unity within the garden. The added illumination will also open up any closed off, dark corners with a welcoming glow.


So, transform your small garden into an alfresco haven by thinking flexible, vertical and repetitive. The only limit is your imagination - not lack of space.

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