Vulnerable Customer Policy


Not one person is immune to being vulnerable – it can happen to anyone, at any time, under a variety of circumstances. We understand that this can lead to situations where you may require more help from us than our standard service. This policy outlines how we make sure that your individual needs are considered.


We want to make sure that all of our customers with vulnerabilities are treated fairly, based on their individual circumstances. The aim is that all of our products are available to all customers, in a form that works for them.


This policy is relevant to all Bridgman customers and all potential customers who communicate with us.


Being vulnerable can mean different things to different people. It is usually a result of personal circumstances that can lead to an individual is less likely to get the best service or less capable of making the best decision for themselves.

Customers may be recognised as potentially vulnerable through self-identification or through indicators the organisation has identified. All colleagues have a responsibility to remove barriers for customers and should consider this overarching policy when interacting with any customer or potential customer to highlight and identify potential vulnerabilities.
Vulnerabilities could be short-term, long-term or permanent. They could even reappear, meaning the support is needed at some times, but not at others. Factors that might lead to vulnerability include losing a friend or relative, not being able to read or write, financial hardship, illness or disability, and physical. However, there are many more reasons that a person may be classed as having a vulnerability.


Here at Bridgman, we aim to treat you, our customer, as an individual and will consider your personal circumstances when communicating with you. Any product provided to you by Bridgman, will be available to all our customers and presented in a way that means it is easy for each customer to make the best decision for them. When we are informed of something that could make a customer vulnerable, we may securely record it for future reference if that is the right thing to do. This is only the case when we are clearly told about a vulnerability. We will carefully plan how to deal with the vulnerable customer to make sure that they are not disadvantaged.


Customers must be able to contact us through any of our communication channels and by any reasonable means, which may include asking a third-party representative to act on their behalf, to notify us of vulnerable circumstances without any barrier.


In addition, the Policy reflects Bridgman’s legal obligations:
• The Equality Act (2010) – No discrimination and making reasonable adjustments.
• General Data Protection Regulation – processing special category data under the Data Privacy Policy.


Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on how we hold and use personal information about you.


The vulnerability will not be shared outside of Bridgman and will not be a permanent record. Also, just because a vulnerability is recorded, that does not automatically mean that you will be treated differently. Each situation is different and will be treated carefully.


The Vulnerable Customer Policy is approved by the Bridgman Board Members and is annually reviewed.


To contact us with any questions or to let us know about a personal circumstance which you think we should know about, please contact us.

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