Moments of cosiness...

Bringing a touch of cosiness and contentment to living rooms across the UK, our home furniture advert is bursting with brilliant designs you simply won't find anywhere else. Discover all about the featured living and dining collections below...


Harmony, happiness and home comes to the small screen...

Our home furniture advert is bringing a touch of luxury to living rooms across the UK. Discover all about the featured handmade sofa collections below...

A meeting of two waves, the Portofino Collection has been expertly handcrafted sturdy, durable wood the appearance of a delicate flower opening its petals. Complemented by our playful and yet endlessly sophisticated Burano Dining Chairs, characterised by slender metal frames and cushioned back and seat.

Our best of British Harrogate Collection has been handcrafted here in the UK to stand the test of time. Featuring beautifully angular arms and smartly tapered legs, each sofa has a tailored look that marries modern design elements with a timelessness that will suit any space.

The Olbia Collection is a breathtaking testament to the skill of modern craftsmanship, infusing the complexities of architecture into a stunning dining table. Recalling the moon’s journey through its lunar orbit, the elegant wave wooden base is hand sanded, hand stained and hand lacquered, taking our master craftsmen over two days to make. Paired here with the Ferrara Dining Chair, with its curved backrest shaped like a crescent-moon, inviting guests to sit in its open embrace.


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