Statement from Bridgman

As you may be aware, on the 10th January 2023, Snug Shack Limited (‘Snug’) was sold to Snug Furniture Limited, a newly incorporated subsidiary of ScS Group Plc (‘ScS’) as part of a pre-pack administration.


Since 2021, Snug has been a separate business entity from Bridgman, with operations only crossing over within our showrooms where sofas were sold as part of our concessions offering. Along with the wider public, we were made aware of the recent changes to the business on 10th January 2023.


On this day, we were also notified by Snug Furniture Limited that a small number of Snug customer orders purchased through concessions in our showrooms have been affected by this change. We have been assured that these customers will be contacted by Snug’s customer service team. If you are concerned your order may be affected by these changes, we strongly advise that you contact 0191 594 5655 or email .

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