Outdoor Fabrics

What Is Outdoor Fabric?
Bridgman’s versatile outdoor fabric is the natural next step in luxury outdoor living. Made using solution-dyed acrylic, the same fabric used on luxury yachts, the acrylic is spun into a yarn and woven to create all-weather material. When upholstered over cushions, this unique Teflon treated material prevents water from reaching the foam filling within, allowing water to be simply wiped away. In our Ascot Collection, the fabric is upholstered directly over quick-dry foam and rustproof, powder-coated aluminium on the arms, to form a filling, frame and fabric that allow water to drain fast enough for use within just one hour after a downpour. As soft as wool and as comfortable as indoor furniture, outdoor fabric is a strong and stylish upholstery option.

Benefits of Outdoor Fabric
Outdoor fabric brings the comfort and convenience of living room furniture into the outdoors, alongside a host of added benefits. Not only is the fabric breathable and quick-drying, it is also fade-resistant for even the sunniest days, waterproof to withstand the rainy months, and highly stain resistant so that you can relax without worrying about the occasional wine spill. Outdoor fabric upholstery requires very little maintenance - simply hand wash using lukewarm water with a mild liquid soap. Innovative and durable, furniture upholstered in outdoor fabric can be left outside all year round.

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