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Make your home a wonderland

Posted by Bridgman on

Make your home a wonderland Lewis Carroll’s whimsical masterpiece Alice in Wonderland is a beloved children's book of many. Such interesting and amazing characters, from the White Rabbit, to the Queen of Hearts; they stay with us throughout our lives. But what if you could take a little bit of Carroll's magic off the pages and make it real in your own home? We've got some ideas to help you take a trip down the rabbit hole and turn your home into a wonderland of your very own. Time for tea Never be late for an important date again with this fabulous clock made out of tea cups and saucers. Head on down to your local charity shop to pick up some mis-matched bargains.


Tiny doorway Curiouser and curiouser. Hide your unsightly plug sockets with this tiny door fit for a mouse. Build yours to fit easily around your outlet and when you need to plug something in, simply open the door. Hopefully the doorknob will be a little less temperamental.


Wacky storage Take one old chest of drawers. Add to it other drawers in varying sizes (it may take a little while to find ones that fit). Paint them in bright colours, or with a monochrome pattern. Screw on some mis-matched knobs and before you know it, you've got an entirely bonkers piece of furniture that will stand out in any room.


A magic garden A simple way to bring a little eccentricity to your garden: tea cups and a ball of string. Just be careful where you hang them, so you don't have any breakages during windy weather. But don't just stop at outdoor tea sets. Try adding vintage-looking bird cages, pretty mirrors or old iron lanterns to the mix. String them up in unusual places around your garden (the more hidden the better) and leave them for people to stumble upon. Your guests will think you're truly mad (but don't worry, all the best people are).


Tread softly Wonderland is all about the unexpected; things that look just a little bit out of place. What could look more odd than cushions on the lawn? Well, in fact these aren't cushions at all, but concrete slabs cleverly formed to make soft and inviting stepping stones.


A chair that's mad as a hatter Any chair can become a fairytale. Pick up one from your local charity shop then run wild with your imagination. Bold patterns and mis-matched colours work well to create a whacky chair fit for any tea party.


Adorn your walls with wonder You don't need to be an amazing artist to adorn your walls with great masterpieces. Stencils can be bought in most DIY shops and they're easy to put up. Think about the positioning in your home and then use real life objects to really make them come alive.


Drink me We have 364 un-birthdays every year, so why not celebrate one or two of them? Make a punch or another tasty drink and then pour it into bottles with cute “drink me” signs attached to them. Perfect for a children's birthday party (or adults too, with something stronger inside of course).


A stairway to wonderland

Create an imposing staircase by decorating it with your favourite sayings, or magical quotes. Plan what you want to write, then draw out the lettering with a stencil. It's a little pick me up every time you go upstairs.


Here, there and everywhere Create a nonsence sign post for your home or garden. This works especially well for parties or as a permanent feature, especially when you have some fun with the different directions.


Tea cup light When it comes to décor, tea cups and saucers can be used to create a variety of crazy additions to your home. We love this tea cup light. Just ensure you leave some as actual tea cups, so you can still have your morning cuppa.


See, a little bit of imagination can go a long way. Share this Alice in Wonderland themed inspiration with your friends on facebook and Google+. If you've had an ingenious idea for your home, let us know about it in the comments below.


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