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Winter is coming

Posted by Bridgman on

Winter is coming and it is time to get our thinking caps on and think of warming ideas! Conservatories and lean to’s seem to be problem areas when it comes to keeping warm in the winter, but instead of avoiding the space why not attempt to keep it warm. Electric or gas heaters are good ways to warm rooms within your house, but when it comes to conservatories you don’t have the luxury of proper insulation. Draught excluders help to keep the warm air from escaping but it is also important to look at the windows and make sure that quality seals are used. If your conservatory has fitted blinds it is a good idea to make sure that these are pulled down to help avoid heat loss. Heated flooring is a drastic yet very effective way to help heat the conservatory. Although not so cost effective, it is very good for heating the conservatory as well as carrying the heat throughout the house into adjacent rooms. The heat will rise meaning it must pass you before reaching the roof; this is a great idea if you are able to do so. Electric or gas heaters are good ways to warm rooms within your house, but when it comes to conservatories you don’t have the luxury of proper insulation. DIY Solutions The ideas below should help to keep the warmth up and the gas bills down!
  • Make a cosy environment in your conservatory and help to avoid the outside chill. Light some scented candles and let the small flames help to create extra heat! Cover some of the furniture with throws and blankets to make a comfortable seating area that also helps to insulate.
  • There are also Roof Insulation Kits for your conservatory that can be purchased that will help to keep the winters warm and the summer cool. These can be found online and include a multi foil material designed to reflect the sunshine in summer and protection from the elements in winter.
  • Draught excluders may do the job in your home but you can also get your hands on PVC Door Seals. These can be fitted to the bottom of troublesome doors that really do not exclude draught. They are simple and pretty cost effective although they are not always easy on the eye.
  • If the door seals don’t take your fancy you also have an option of Storm Guard Adhesive Weather Strips/Tape. This self-adhesive strip is designed to help to insulate and is used for door and window sealing. This can be picked up from most DIY stores and is hidden away between seals so it will not interfere with your Christmas décor.
  • Carpeting the wooden or concrete floors is a great way to insulate the room itself. If you aren’t able to lay carpet then throws, rugs and the like are very useful.
So why don't you use that extra room this winter without blowing the heating budget?     Picture credit:


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