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Whitepod, the eco-friendly glamping resort nestled in the Alps

Posted by Bridgman on

Winter was upon us and I needed a way to get through the cold, dark days. I pictured myself celebrating the snow, instead of dreading it – a vision that became reality at Whitepod, a remote eco-camp in the Swiss Alps which has just won the Responsible Tourism Award for Innovation.

Perched at 1400 metres, Whitepod is set in the small village of Les Cerniers. This unique eco-resort satisfied my need to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the winter in low-key quiet.

You can ski at Whitepod on its private slopes or brave the crowds at the more advanced slopes nearby. The snow-covered hills give plenty of opportunity for gentle exploration by cross-country skis or snowshoes. I even tried out snow-scooting, which is a cross between biking and snowboarding (exhausting, but great fun).

One day I let the beautiful and powerful huskies do the work, pulling me, blanket covered, through the sparkling snow on a well-appointed sled.

Sleep in Winter Pods

Accommodations at Whitepod are 15 canvas-covered, metal-framed geodesic domes, called pods. Each pod has a uniquely welcoming and comfortable décor. You’re probably thinking – as I did – that canvas tents could never be warm enough, but they are. Between the layers and layers of insulation and the wood-burning stove, my pod was always just the right temperature.

A short walk from your pod brings you to the central chalet, with Jacuzzi, sauna, and relaxing massages.


Whitepod brings eco-friendly ideals to skiing and winter camping. The ground isn’t disturbed in the construction of the winter pods because they are raised on wooden decks. Wood for the wood stoves comes from local forests, cut and split by local workers.

Communication from your pod is via walkie-talkie. No landlines here, and did I mention there are no tellies in the pods? A central gathering-place has WiFi, but, again, none in the pods.

You’ll drink local spring water instead of bottled water. Buildings are lit with LED bulbs; the bedding is made from organic cotton; cleaning products are biodegradable.

There’s not much outdoor lighting at night, so you can see the stars in the dark night sky. But every guest gets a headlamp for walking around after dark, an umbrella, crampons and snow poles. Whitepod thinks of everything to make winter glamping adventurous, luxurious, and eco-friendly.

Dining at Whitepod

True to its eco-friendly ideals, Whitepod uses locally sourced wine and produce whenever possible. The menu is traditional and seasonal, prepared and served with style. There’s also a hearty breakfast buffet and even ‘pod-service’ if you don’t feel like leaving your snug abode.

My favourite meal was slow-cooked pork belly with roasted root vegetables and chocolate mousse for dessert. There’s a vegetarian menu and complementary afternoon tea and pastries for guests.

Winter Glamping at its Finest

Whitepod was everything I needed it to be: a winter adventure in a gorgeous, intimate setting with amenities and service that respect the environment. It’s only open for a short winter season; if I were you I’d book it right away.

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