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How to Find Wicker Furniture to Match Your Outdoor Space

Posted by Bridgman on

In most people’s minds wicker furniture conjures up thoughts of an old woven chair, generations old, sitting in the corner of a room. That’s all well and good, but wicker furniture has become much more than that – especially when it comes to outdoor furniture. Wicker garden furniture is the popular name given to synthetic wicker, made entirely from man-made fibres. For more in depth information on how it is made you may want to take a look at this article.  

Why choose wicker furniture for your garden?

Due to the fact it is not heavy, it can be moved around easily. Combined with its obvious toughness to the elements, wicker furniture will happily match most outdoor spaces. A dining set with a modern twist can look extremely stylish on a trendy patio for instance, while a couple of wicker armchairs with matching cushions look perfectly at home in the garden of a rustic cottage. A wicker couch or swing looks great in a well-used porch where family and friends tend to gather at night.  

Step 1: Colour

First off, you need to decide on the colour of your new furniture. Wicker is available in a variety of colours, ranging from black to white – and anything in between. Coloured cushions can also be added to ensure that your wicker furniture blends in perfectly with an accent colour on your patio or porch.

Step 2: Design

Once you’ve decided on a colour, it’s a case of choosing the correct style to match your home. If you have a modern home you may want to look at furniture with sleek lines & eye catching design. For a traditional home, high backs and subtle lines would complement the space.

Step 3: Size

When you know what design and colour you would like, it’s a case of choosing the correct size. It is important that the space doesn’t look overcrowded so carefully measure and plan your space.    

Other benefits of wicker furniture

  • It doesn’t stain. If a drink is spilled on wicker garden furniture it can easily be wiped away using a cloth and water
  • It won’t need replacing for years. And in some cases never at all. If you do decide to replace it it’s because it’s been around for so long that you just feel it’s time for a change
  • It’s incredibly comfortable. The soft material and woven interlocking fibres wicker is made from tends to yield to the sitter’s shape which means wicker chairs don’t really require a cushion to add comfort. It’s actually more of a stylish addition to the furniture.
If you’re wondering if the wicker furniture you’ve found in your garden centre is of a good standard, simply flip a chair over to reveal the underside. If the weaving feels tight & there is no use of staples, nails or screws, the furniture is likely a good standard. (This is because they’ve been hand woven, meaning fastenings are not needed. Left outside, staples, nails or screws will rust – causing the chair to fall apart).  

More information

Buying wicker furniture in the UK - We stock the UK’s largest range of quality wicker furniture. Here’s a good places to start your search: Wickerline.

Further reading

You can read more about wicker furniture here:  


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