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What Your Garden Says About You

Posted by Bridgman on

Perhaps we’re a bit impartial, but we’re inclined to say that gardens say more about their owners than any interior space. Not only does one pick and choose the components, from plants to furniture, but we also put our free time and effort into its maintenance, shaping it slowly over time. With all that exertion, it is natural that your garden says something about you.  


If nothing says home to you like a garden bursting at the seams with colour and perennials, chances are that you’re a garden traditionalist. English cottage gardens are a longstanding tradition, ranging from the most humble of perennial and herb plots to the grandeur of the gardens on an estate such as Hidcote Manor. In these gardens, plants are chosen and arranged to display a casual formality. Colours and textures in perennials are carefully chosen to complement one another in a soothing manner, while bold hedging can create needed structure and help frame views. Heirlooms, or plants that are at least considered old fashioned, also tend to be prevalent. These traditional plants include roses of all kinds, climbing vines, and perennials that have medicinal qualities to them such as calendula, lavender and sage.  


In this day and age, how we approach our larger environment can say a lot about who we are. If this sounds like you, you and your garden may lean to the modern. Gardens can manifest our environmental beliefs in a number of different ways, from urban rooftop gardens to native meadow plantings. Green roofs have come to forefront of environmentally minded gardeners, wit drought tolerant succulents and grasses that have no need for irrigation and frequent maintenance once established. Native plants are also incredibly popular, also requiring less maintenance and irrigation, as they are well adapted to the conditions of their surroundings. Modern gardens also tend to rely on contrasting texture and form, more so than colour.  


Gardening has seen leaps and bounds in the last few years with the work of figures such as Tom Stuart-Smith and Piet Oudolf, who both champion looks between the traditional and the modern and celebrate the best of both realms. Both employ the horticultural sensibilities of traditional gardens, while updating them to modern tastes. Furniture, especially wooden garden furniture sets made of teak or other hardy woods, can help bridge two different looks, especially if you can’t make up your mind. Traditional materials with a more modern style can adapt themselves to any garden, so you can better enjoy the best part of your home.     You may also be interested in: Garden Design: How to Make a Great First Impression 7 Great Ideas for Your Home Exterior   Image Credit: Image 1    


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