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Welcome Sunshine to your Outdoor Space

Posted by Bridgman on

Summer days are just around the corner which means BBQ’s, summer entertaining and relaxing in the sun. Your garden should be your haven, where you want to take time out to reflect on the day, maybe switch off from everything and watch the sun gradually go down in the evening. It could be where you like to enjoy a chilled glass of crisp white wine or to catch up on your daily news with your partner. Maybe you enjoy reading the morning papers outside with your cup of coffee as the world wakes up? Whatever you love doing in your garden, be it watching your prized roses open their petals or birds feeding at a bird table, here’s some information on how to get prepared, so throw open your lounge doors and treat your garden like another room in your house.   Get your Gardening Gloves on! If you’re looking out of your window and wondering how you’re going to tackle the garden to get it ready don’t panic! There may be weeds, leaves, sticks or twigs lying around and your patio might need a good spring clean so put a date in your diary to make a start. The first thing to be done is to clear all of the rubbish away using a couple of large refuse sacks. Banish your weeds with weed killer, especially if your garden hasn’t been tended to in a long while, but do be careful where you place it, as you don’t want to damage your plants. If you find weeds are growing in areas of decking or patio it’s important to eliminate them before jet washing.   Patio Power! Once you have killed weeds on the decking or patio, choose a dry week and jet wash the area to bring it back to new. You can hire a jet wash machine or find a reputable company to do it for you. Decking might need treating too so choose a quality linseed oil based treatment or an outdoor wood stain. Don’t treat it directly following jet washing as you will need to allow your patio to completely dry out before staining, leave it a week to ten days.   Furniture to Fall in Love with

While waiting for your decking or patio to be brought back to life, consider what outdoor furniture you want to complement your home. Great garden furniture will make a statement and create an eye-catching area. With the notorious British summer many prefer all weather furniture so it will withstand the test of time! All weather can be exceptionally smart and Bridgman stocks various luxury materials ranging from classical and contemporary rattan to modern teak. These are especially treated to counter the effects of UV rays as well as the cold months including frost, snow and rain.

Today, garden furniture doesn’t just have to mean just a simple dining table and chair set with a parasol. There is a treasure trove of other incredible different styles and designs available to match a dining set. Bridgman stocks a number of choices from rattan modular sofas with deep, plump and sumptuous cushions to coffee and side tables when you want to bring your lounge outdoors. You don’t need to worry about the evenings getting chilly if you invest in a Bridgman stylish pyramid stainless steel gas heater as this will keep you nice and warm well into the later hours. For the sun-worshippers amongst you, take advantage of the fabulous Bridgman sun loungers which are inviting sunbeds ideal for relaxing on when the temperature hits hot! Just don’t fall asleep in the midday sun.

Sun loungers work perfectly on the lawn as well as your patio so to get your lawn ready, you can fertilise it by working it deep into the grass roots using a spade and a pitch fork. Keep off the grass for a week to let the fertiliser take hold and you should start seeing your lawn spring back to its glory and turn a beautiful shade of leafy green!

  Attention Lawn, Borders and Planting While waiting for the lawn to get going turn your attention to your borders and tidy them up. Bring back clean lines or smooth curves by using an edger tool. If you want to spruce them up you may want to consider including something more permanent such as a brick, timber or even stone edging. This can change a garden subtly and keep edging neat and tidy all year round. The garden should now be taking shape for Spring and Summer so you can think about planting. Decide what type of look you want to achieve, for example some adore an array of bright colours and an abundance of different flower varieties whereas others prefer neutral colours in one or two variations. It is worth taking advice from a garden centre about what plants and flowers will work in your garden. Some gardens are South or West facing which gets the sun most of the day and some are North facing which means there will be areas of shade, perhaps only getting a glimpse of the sun. If you find the walls of your house looking a little bare, why not consider a hanging basket or some window boxes which will brighten up the outdoors no end? They work well anywhere especially when space is at a premium. Summer is perfect for trailing plants which are ideal for hanging baskets. Place these around the edge as the flowers you use inside will soon grow over the sides. For real drama pack them full of colour and place them in a sunny spot with some shade. Your hanging baskets should be watered very regularly as the warm months will dry them out.   The Finishing Touches Finally, don’t forget the little decorations that make your garden stand out from the crowd! A garden bench carefully placed in an area that gets just the right amount of sun and shade away from the hustle and bustle of daily life will work in almost any outdoor space.

What are your tips for getting your garden ready for the summer? Do you have your own outdoor strategy? We would love to hear your ideas too or why not share your outdoor space pictures on our Facebook page!   Image credit: Bridgman 2015 catalogue


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