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How To Use Statues and Sculptures to Make Your Garden Stand Out

Posted by Bridgman on

A statue might not be top of your wishlist when it comes to pepping up your outside space but these beautiful sculptures just shown how they can add something very special to your garden. From ornate planters to stone animals and modern water features, statues can express your personality, add a touch of romance and magic to the garden or simply bring a smile to your face every time you step outdoors. Here are 6 of the best…

Classic bird bath


It’s heartwarming to see birds flapping around in a bowl of water and this classical figure/bird bath is sure to attract many feathered friends. I love how the metal has developed a gorgeous Verdigris patina that not only enhances the character of the sculpture but lets it blend in with the surrounding greenery.

Flamboyant Planter


A statue topped with an open urn is a fabulous alternative to a standard plant pot or container. The girl statue is cute and charming and overflowing with hot green and pink petals for a blast of welcome colour.

Wonderful Water Feature


Dream of Italian courtyards and pretty French gardens by choosing a classic statue that doubles up as a water feature. It’s a statement piece for sure that will set the tone of your garden and create a soothing backdrop of trickling water.

Simple Symmetry


Pared-back, planting and neat, box hedges laid out in a grid of rows and columns are simply crying out for a pair of statues like in this garden. The Greek statues add gravity, calm and just a little hint of grandeur to our busy 21st century lifestyles.

Bring in Buddha


Zen gardens are quiet, contemplative spaces for thinking and being, where simple planting, natural materials and the soothing flow of water are its hallmarks. But that’s not forgetting the all-important Buddha statue for the best Zen-like ambience. Ommmm….

Sprinkle With Fairydust


Ever since two young cousins took the world by surprise in the early 1900s with their photographs of ‘real life fairies’, I have been mesmerised by spirits, imps and fairies in the garden. Sneak in one or two stone fairy statues and let the magical vibe unfold… Are you a big fan of statues and sculptures in the garden? Please share your pictures and comments below.

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