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Urban Gardens: Create a Patio Paradise

Posted by Bridgman on

Living in a city or large town doesn’t mean giving up the pleasure of a garden. Indeed an urban garden can be just as pleasing as one situated deep in the countryside. You may have less space to work with, but it’s what you do with it that counts.   Creating a haven in the city It doesn’t matter how big or small your plot is: you can always create a stunning and cosy space to retreat to. A patio paradise may sound like a dream but you can turn it into reality with clever use of materials. To be a true paradise it must be low maintenance, particularly if you work a lot and you want to enjoy your garden rather than maintaining it all the time. A good urban garden design should feel like an extension of your home.   No grass Small city plots benefit from doing away with the lawn. This means no lawn mower, no maintenance and more time to enjoy the space around you. Suitable alternatives include gravel, bark chippings, paving and decking – or perhaps a combination of two or more materials to break up the space into different areas.   Creating your patio space When you are ready to take control of your urban garden, make sure you have some squared paper and a pencil to hand. Measure the dimensions of your space and sketch it out accurately. Make a few copies and then work out some possibilities for how to make the most of the space. When you’re doing this you have to ask what your personal paradise would be. Everyone has a different idea – for one it could be to hang a hammock in a reading corner surrounded by climbing roses. For another it might be to buy a 2 seater garden furniture set to enjoy croissants and coffee at on a lazy Sunday morning.   Pay attention to the details Remember it’s not just the big things that matter – the patio set, the hammock, the choice of material to go beneath your feet. It’s the small finishing touches that stand out in the best urban garden design examples. Focus on the flowers you can surround yourself with. Select your favourites and decide where to plant them. Make it a practical patio garden too, with pots filled with tempting and aromatic herbs. A tub filled with lavender right next to the back door is the ultimate way to welcome you into your garden space.   Go up if you can’t extend out This is a handy tip to remember when you have a particularly small space to use. No matter how small the space is you can always grow upwards; think about planters attached to walls and hanging baskets filled with lobelia and even Tumbling Tom tomatoes if you want to grow your own fruit and vegetables as well. Be creative, be bold and enjoy every minute of claiming your patio paradise as your own.   Get the basics in place and then settle in Every urban garden consists of two things. The first is the basic design, including your choice(s) of floor coverings. The second is the trimmings – the finishing touches, if you will. Focus on getting the first stage completed and then you can spend your time “growing into” the garden you have created. A true patio paradise takes time to mature – but it is well worth the wait.  


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