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Unusual Furniture made from Books

Posted by Bridgman on

A few months ago, we published an article about Unusual Furniture Design Inspiration. Here's #2 with even more unusual furniture. When your bookshelves start to overflow and its time to make space for new favourites, consider turning your old volumes into furniture. That’s right! Furniture made from books. It’s creative, inexpensive, and keeps books out of the landfills. Here are clever ideas from artists and designers to stimulate your creative juices! The book desk at a Dutch library gives the message loud and clear: it’s okay to repurpose books. By paying attention to colour, the books create waves of different hues, giving the appearance of natural stone.

  What could be more perfect than a reading chair made from books? Designer Richard Hutten built a sturdy chair from stacked books, coating it with multiple layers of polyurethane to make it last.

  Spanish Designer Alvaro Tamarit’s Bench of Thought is a colourful, wheeled double seat made from stacked books. Despite the straight lines of the books Tamarit is able to coax the books into a graceful organic curve.

  It’s not a big leap from using books as decoration to using books for furniture. Interior decorator firm Wilson Kelsey Design does both, taking the concept of book furniture to the ultimate with a bed created from books.

  The Bookshelf Chair combines a modern seat with ample storage space for the volumes you want to keep close by. Just reach around and pick out your next read.

  Soak in the ambience of your latest book in artist Vanessa Mancini’s Book of Knowledge. Shaped like an old-fashioned tub, books line a metal frame that sits atop antique lion-shaped feet.

  Dream of books with a headboard made from open books. Gives a new twist to reading in bed.

  Line up hardback books with their spines pointing up to make a bench. You’ll be surprised how comfortable they are to sit on. Use water-damaged books and you won’t feel bad about leaving the bench outside.

  Designer Elding Oscarson lined an entire wall with books. Colourful and varied, it looks like wallpaper, until you get close enough to read the titles.


Artist Pamela Paulsrud gave obsolete volumes new life as elements in a disk-shaped art piece honouring the transition from physical to virtual books.


When you start transforming old objects into new items there’s no limit to what you can create. We hope these outstanding examples of book furniture amuse you and give you ideas for what you can do with your unwanted books.


Image credits

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Picture 9: Elding Oscarson

Picture 10: Pamela Paulsrud


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