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Unusual & Funny DIY Projects

Posted by Bridgman on

Are you feeling crafty today? Do you need inspiration for a new project that goes beyond the common DIY projects listed on Pinterest? That’s exactly how I felt the other day so I decided to search for the most unusual, weird, funny or even creepy DIY projects. I found troll plant pots, tennis ball holders, baby doll coat racks and living garden chairs. Take a look at the projects below and tell us in the comments which is your favourite. For the full guides, click on the source under each image.
    • Tennis ball used as a stuff holder.

    • A post-it jaguar.

    • Phantom in a mirror.

    • Creepy baby doll coat rack.

    • Kids swing made of an old chair.

    • Troll plant pot.

    • Inspiring Bouquets.

    • Woven Monkey Tails.

    • Bridgman living garden chair.

    • Pallet Christmas tree.

    • An alternative bookshelf.

    • Lego Key Hooker.

    • Denim Pants Pot.

    • Hilarious Watermelon Sculpture

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