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20 Unique Ideas for Garden Wall Art

Posted by Bridgman on

We decorate the walls of our house, why not extend that decorative touch to the out-of-doors with garden wall art? Garden wall art is anything you want to hang on your fence or outdoor wall that adds beauty and personality to the space. Here are ideas to inspire your outdoor décor.


#1 Living Wall Art

A vertical wall garden is an outstanding solution for a deck or patio with limited planting space. When planted with succulents or herbs, pallets lend a rustic and lively look, totally modern and on-trend. By the way, you can build our own living wall following this tutorial.


#2 Framed Vertical Succulent Garden

Here’s another take on the vertical garden. Small succulents are planted through chicken wire into a moss-filled vintage picture frame. Colourful plants with diverse shapes and textures add up to a dynamic expression of personal style.


#3 Blocks of Colour for Outdoor Wall

You can make your patio pop with wall art made from vinyl tablecloths. Simply cut the tablecloths to fit empty picture frames, which you can pick up very inexpensively at thrift shops. Arrange them on outdoor siding for a playful and colourful display.


#4 Garden Mural

You don’t have to be an artist to transform a plain garden wall into a unique piece of art. Whether it’s a wooden fence or a cinderblock wall, express your personal style with colours and designs that enhance the garden.


#5 Tribal Backyard

Follow the lead of landscape artist Jamie Durie and hang lanterns and tribal masks on your garden walls to evoke Africa in your garden. Thick bamboo rods add to the effect.


#6 Fiesta Wall Art

Wall planters alternate with vibrant coloured panels to create a festive ambience. Complete the scene with table settings in the same hues as the wall art.


#7 Kaleidoscope Wall

Define your outdoor space with colourful Plexiglas panels. The panels are not only fun, they add shade and privacy to a garden spot.


#8 Tuscan Villa

Rate My Space contributor twd33 transformed an unsightly wall into a scene from Tuscany. With climbing vines and a classic window feature, this wall art evokes old world charm.


#9 Marquee Light

Add light and excitement to your garden with a marquis light in the shape of your choice. With small, colourful globe lights this DIY wall art will never be dull.


#10 Modern Wall Art

Dana of House*Tweaking created a vertical jigsaw puzzle to add interest a brick wall. Made from different kinds of scrap wood leftover from remodeling her house, the hanging brings colour, texture, and modern design to the patio area.


#11 Honeycomb Wall Art

The DIY honeycomb wall is perfect for decorating an outdoor patio area. Simple to make, it uses drawer organizes to create hexagonal pods that are perfect for displaying shells and other marvels of nature.


#12 Custom Metal Wall Art

Mile High Landscaping creates custom metal wall art designed for your space. Rustic and modern, the panels are perfect for those of us who love art and love our lives outdoors.


#13 Living Wall Design

Bright Green Landscape Architects takes the vertical garden to a new dimension. Their living wall art uses different-coloured succulents to create a picture, giving the impression of an impressionist painting.


#14 Steel Garden Panels

Custom Corten steel panels are meant to weather the out-of-doors. Designed by Outhouse Designs, the stunning pieces can be made to order in Australia or the U.S.


#15 DIY 10-Minute Canvas Wall Art

You don’t have to be a Picasso to create colourful wall art for your garden. With stretched canvasses and spray paint, everyone in the family can express their artistic side!


#16 Mossy Frame Wall Art

With empty wooden frames and rolls of decorative moss you can add character to a blank outdoor fall. Add a welcome sign to make your guests feel at home.


#17 Written Word Wall Art

If you could write one word on your garden fence, what would that be? Whatever you decide, you can use pieces of “junk” to spell out that special word. A piece of banister becomes an “l” and an old round sieve becomes an “o”. You get the idea.


#18 Rusty Junk

With a little rusty wire you can turn the rusty head of an old hoe and an old glass jar into a rustic hanging vase. Nothing goes to waste in this DIY treasure.


#19 Stone Wall Tree

Stone walls are the classic expression of the out-of-doors—both practical and beautiful. Eric Landman built a dry stone wall with a broad-spreading tree designed into the wall as a memorial to his wife.


#20 Dry Stone Wall with Pot

Another version of the dry stone wall integrates a large ceramic flower pot into the wall. The succulents overflowing the pot appear to be growing out of the wall.


Garden wall art reaches beyond the realm of indoor art to break the boundaries between inside and outside. We hope you will share your favourite ideas and inspire others to extend their artistic expression into their gardens.


Pictures Credit & Tutorials: Featured image: Stephen Boisvert Image 1: The Brew Image 2: Luna-See Image 3: In my Own Style Image 4 to 6: DIY Network - design by Jamie Durie Image 7: Kaleidoscope Wall on DIY Network - design by PHLPavillon (Rate My Space's contributor) Image 8: Tuscan backyard on DIY Network - design by tw33 (Rate My Space's contributor Image 9: Tatertots & Jello Image 10: Home depot - posted by Dana Image 11: DIY Show Off Image 12: Design by Mile High Landscaping Image 13: Design by Honeycomb Image 14: Design by Out of Design Image 15: Brit + Co Image 16: Positively Splendid Image 17: Jen Bowles Design Image 18: Etsy - Rusty Junque Image 19: Stone Art Blog Image 20: Inspiration Green - from Westphoria


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