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Turning Your Garden Into a New Living Room This Spring

Posted by Bridgman on

Do you dream about expanding your living space? Having more room to relax, enjoy family activities or simply rejuvenate creates a comfortable home for every member of the family. Turn your garden into a spacious living room this spring, using clever garden design, stylish garden furniture and affordable structures that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.  

Create the Framework

Decide on the shape and layout of your outdoor living space first, including where you'll set up the garden sofa, lounge chairs and coffee table. Would decking or a patio work well on your shady property, providing a flat, easy care surface for furniture and bare feet? Or would a conservatory suit your family's needs better, supplying year round comfort and greater flexibility?   Consider your budget, as well as the actual space available. Your small home and modest property could be overwhelmed by a conservatory - in that case you would be much wiser to incorporate decking or stone patios into your garden design. On the other hand, when the budget allows, a conservatory creates an ultra bright, upscale living room in your home. Your personal tastes play a role as well. Those who enjoy sunbathing and stiff breezes lean towards patios or decking, while those who wish to enjoy the garden in any weather without the bother of bugs, opt for a conservatory or orangery. Each of these options provide the ideal framework for your new garden living room.  

Lay Out the Anchor Pieces

Walls may in short supply in your garden space, meaning that furniture, potted plants and flowerbeds need to create the visual barriers necessary. Arrange your furniture and tall accessories to mimic an indoor living room, forming a sense of comfort and inviting you to sit and enjoy a cuppa.

Rattan Garden Sofa Set

A high quality garden furniture set should be the focal point of your new living space. Whether that set includes a rattan 3-seater garden sofa and 2 matching armchairs, or features teak benches and a low coffee table, be sure there is enough room for your loved ones and space for guests. Modular garden furniture is also a great choice. A modular or corner garden sofa truly sets off this space, and captures the comfort and ease of an indoor living room. Curved rattan sofas are inviting, while modular modern styles provide plenty of space for your friends. Tuck a parasol next to the garden sofa for quick shade and be sure to leave room on the coffee table for drinks and snacks.  

Tie It All In With Accessories

Your garden design and living space is not complete without quality accessories. Include practical pieces for storage, warmth and protection for the weather - storage benches double as seating, patio heaters stretch the outdoor season well into autumn and gazebos keep you out of the sun and rain. Remember to dress up your new living room with colour as well. Cushions come in solid and patterned designs, and are often made from outdoor fabric for optimum durability. Pots, planters and even fire pits add splashes of colour to this space, and can be changed or moved for quick redecorating. When you're searching for space to expand your living area, look no further than the garden. With the right framework, a comfortable garden sofa and impeccable accessories, your new garden design will beckon the family every day. Live better by creating a new living room in the garden this spring.   Image Credit: Image 1  


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