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2014 Top Trends in Home Décor

Posted by Bridgman on

After the Fashion Weeks which delighted us with the Clothes' Trends 2014 & New Collections, it's now time to give a new trendy look to your Home. Yep, it's not because you plan to live in the same place for years that it has to remain unchanged.

Quite the opposite, living in the same home with a new trendy décor can help you get a fresh start and make you love your home even more! And whatever you like, there's always something matching your preferences to add to your interior.

Kitchen Trends 2014

# Dark tones are in this year, for a minimalist atmosphere. It's often heightened by decompartmentalised rooms and open spaces. Painting the counter in black for example will give a much more modern look to a kitchen.

# Walnut, a classic wood colour, is also a good option. Perfect if you prefer more traditional kitchens with a natural atmosphere.

Living Room Trends 2014

# Choosing a palette is not exactly what you could call a brand new idea in home décor. But it is still fashionable, especially Shades of Blue this year. You can either choose to enlighten some items of your living room with any blue colour or to have a room entirely blue: walls, sofa, cushions, curtains... all in different shades, from Turquoise to Navy Blue.

# This may sound a bit paradoxical, but adding a Vintage Piece to your living room will give it a new look. Don't know where you can find such an item? Check your nearest flea market, you might find some interesting pieces at a very good price!

Bedroom Trends 2014

# Choose a neutral base to have a relaxing space, especially if your living room is very colourful. Beige or light grey are among those colours that go with anything. Then, add Pop-Up Colours: cushions, rugs, curtains, self-adhesive decorations, frames for your pictures... The main advantage of this home decoration idea is that you can change it as often as you wish - and for cheap! Depending on the season, your mood, your personal style or for any other reason, you can just give your bedroom a new look by simply changing the colours of your Pop-Up Items.

# Radiant Orchid. We're not telling you to put hundreds of orchids in your bedroom, but you could definitely use this colour, which is a blend of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. According to Pantone, it's the colour of the year and it perfectly matches deep greens.

Outdoor Trends 2014

# For Garden Media Group, Black & White combos in the garden are popular. It concerns plants as well as furniture. If you combine both, your outdoor living space will look more modern. Play with contrasts by adding few very colourful out-of-the-box plants.

# Intense colours in the garden are always good. It"s true for plants, but you can also apply this tip to your furniture. This year, use Plenty of Layers: different materials, different textures, and of course different colours. Mix'n'Match has never been so hot!

Share with us your new decor of this year! Image Credits: Background Featured Image: Vincent Desjardins Image 1: Thomasfj Image 2: Dr Kheli's Image 3: Coco+Kelley Image 4: The Shopping Sherpa Image 5: Boa-Franc Image 6: Urbane Apartments Image 7: Mll Image 8: Casa Diez  


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