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Timeless home décor made easy

Posted by Bridgman on

Elegant, classic, sophisticated... these are the kind of words we want to hear in relation to our homes. But as time goes by, you might start to hear a “dated” or “tired” creeping in. You see, nearly every trend has a shelf life. One year everyone's painting a vibrant red feature wall, the next only patterned wallpaper will do. Timeless designs resist current trends and fads. It's comfortable, functional and sophisticated, and keeps on looking great over the years. Start creating a timeless look in your home today with these simple tips: Keep base colours subtle Beige, greys, off-whites... they may seem boring but as a base colour, they'll never go out of style. Stick to a muted colour palette which will allow your furniture to take centre stage. Then the trendy colours you love can be added in as hints. Cushions or small pieces of furniture are a great way to do this. The colour won't end up taking over the whole room and they can be easily changed later on.


Look to the past It may seem weird that a modern look should use pieces from the past. However, antiques that have passed the test of time and still look good now, will keep on looking fabulous for years to come. Choose pieces that are practical, but be careful not to overfill the room.


Plain walls are best The one area that is most subject to current trends is wallpaper. With so many different patterns, textures, colours and designs to choose from, the trends are constantly changing. So why not decorate your home like you mean to go on? Use clean, plain and simple colours or wallpaper that will carry on looking fresh for years to come. Of course, we don't mean for your walls to be bare. It's easy enough to hang up photos, pictures and prints, and just as easy to change them later on.


Perfectly proportioned Timeless design is perfectly proportioned. Furniture should be practical, and not overbearing. Highlight clean lines and shapes, and emphasis your home's natural architectural features. Ensure there's enough space around objects and don't try and stuff your room full of furniture. Cluttered rooms break up lines and lose their elegance. Every piece in its rightful place.


Resist the urge to clutter Try not to overfill your shelves, or mantlepieces, otherwise you risk creating a look more akin to a Victorian parlour. Instead of tons of fiddly small objects, go for large ornaments that can be admired from a distance. The taller the better to in order to add height to your design.


Cluster similar colours together

Colours from a single family blend effortlessly without looking overly designed; too many colours and your room could look like a circus. Try picking one colour you love and pick out different shades of it throughout the room.


Bright light Natural lighting is extremely important in classic design. Ensure that nothing is blocking your windows so you can get as much natural light in your home as possible. In rooms that are a little dark, choose light fixtures that give the same effect.


Be discreet TVs, stereos, computers... they're all essential parts of our daily lives, but they don't always lend themselves to an elegant living room. Plus, with the ever-changing technological market, putting your gadgets on display is the quickest way for a room to look dated. So don't make a feature out of your TV, try concealing it in a cabinet instead. And please don't be tempted to mount your speakers on the wall. With today's technological advances, you can keep your speakers tucked away without losing sound quality.


Start slow Timeless design can't be achieved in a week, or even a month. It's important to take your time and plan, especially when choosing your wall colours. Bright colours tend to fade over time and lose their impact. Remember, what's on trend one month may not be as desirable in six. If you find a colour you absolutely adore, try working it into your design instead through small items such as cushions, a rug or a pair of curtains.


Trust yourself It's your home and no one knows you better than yourself. Where you live should reflect what you like and how you like to live. It should be practical and comfortable. Trends will come and go but your home, well that's forever.


  Timeless home décor isn't impossible. It just takes a bit of time and a lot of being true to yourself. Help others achieve their ideal home décor by sharing these tips on facebook and Google+, or simply pin the pictures for even more inspiration.  


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