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The Return of Rattan

Posted by Bridgman on

It's hailed as one of the biggest interior comebacks of the season, say hello to rattan and rejoice in its new-found star status - both inside and outside the home. Rattan is rising from the interiors ashes to become a key trend for the home this year according to the Dailymail If you're still trying to recover from visions of musty, dusty wicker patio furniture (complete with floral cushion pads) from the first time around, then let us refresh your interior antennae with five great reasons to revel in rattan this summer.


Revel in Retro

From the catwalk to the kitchen, Seventies retro chic is one of the biggest trends for our wardrobes and our homes this season. So while you dust off your folk-style denims, mash up an avocado and chuck your keys into a jaunty fringed suede handbag, don't forget that rattan is one of the key materials of the era and is returning to our homes in a big way. For the 2016 revamp, though, rattan is taking on sleeker, more contemporary silhouettes with modern, boxy furniture or fine, sinuous curves in a range of neutral tones with accents of black. Long gone are the frilly, floral cushions and instead we're accessorizing our rattan at Bridgman with big, plump seat pads and scatter cushions in a line-up of rainbow brights or feel-good neutrals, which are waterproof to boot. It's enough to have you longing for re-runs of Mork & Mindy...


Covet a Coastal Vibe

If you love the coastal look, there's nothing that says breezy seaside chic like rattan furniture does. Whether you live in the heart of the city or a stone's throw away (or should that be pebble) from our breathtaking, British beaches, you can embrace the coastal vibe oh-so easily Pick out furniture in a classic weave in soft white or stone-coloured rattan, and rev up the holiday-at-home look with a pile of ticking striped cushions (red, blue and white are a classic coastal combo). Keep colours as neutral as possible, by opting for a backdrop of old white with pale greys and greens for a weathered, sunbleached look. Then make like a beachcomber and scour coastlines for soft, knobbly driftwood, smooth pebbles and pearly shells and fill vintage glass vessels with your treasures. Then relax on your adjustable sunlounger and let the sun shine on...


Versatility Counts

There seems to be no end to the talents of rattan in the hands of today's forward-thinking designers. As well as an incredible selection of garden furniture on offer, you'll find the high street and web filled with striking, sculptural lampshades, smooth, bent magazine racks, multicoloured woven platters (there's that 70s trend again) and handsome bed bases and headboards for that true tropical feel. And, don't forget, the key to buying new garden furniture these days is to think outside the box and invest in good quality, great looking pieces that work equally well inside your home (conservatory, kitchen, bedroom etc) as they do in the garden. By splashing out on multifunctional pieces that can be moved in and out with the seasons, you'll definitely get more bang for the buck.


Take it Outdoors

Rattan has long been championed as a versatile and hardwearing material for garden furniture, and with summer just around the corner, there's no better time to invest in a few new chairs, an outdoor coffee table and lie-back lounger. Whatever the size of your garden, be it rambling lawn with trees or a petite patio, Bridgman has a range of rattan furniture to suit. Try modern, modular sofa sets, neat square dining tables, modern, low-slung armchairs, sunbeds-for-two and side tables to keep chilled drinks to hand. (Just remember to measure up your space accurately so you're not squeezing in too many bits and pieces). And think about the 'type' of weave, as this will alter the look and style of your outdoor room. Traditional round weaves in rustic brown hues will create a classic look, while modern flat weaves in grey, bronze and natural tones add a more contemporary, Scandi edge to your outdoor soiree.


Man-Made Versus Natural

A good quality natural rattan is beautiful and authentic but if you're planning to go outdoors with your rattan furniture, you might want to consider a man-made version, particularly given our unpredictable British climate. Synthetic rattan is a boon for gardens as it's incredibly lightweight, super-strong and stands up brilliantly to the elements. Bridgman's rattan-effect range is manufactured from a man-made, resin fibre called High Density Polyethylene (or HDPE) which, unlike other synthetics, is an organic material derived from a waxy substance. It's fully-recyclable and environmentally-friendly too, so you can conscience can be clear at all times.

Are you loving the return of rattan this season? Please share your comments and thoughts below...

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