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Why would privacy be an issue in these spectacular glass house?

Posted by Bridgman on

Glass houses and hotels built top-to-toe from this sleek, see-through material are chic, modern and luxurious. We explore a few of the very best   Architecturally speaking, we can't get enough of glass. Clearly (see what I did there), this ancient, barely-there, material has revolutionised our homes, not just with windows and skylights, but with sleek, bi-fold doors that invisibly link our interiors with our gardens, and sheer glass ceilings that allow natural light to pour through into our rooms, for the ultimate feel-good feeling.   But why stop there? Well, some of the world's best-known architects and designers haven't and their experimental and inspiring use of glass has created some of the most jaw-droppingly, beautiful houses and hotels all over the globe. These modern-day, masterpieces are all about pushing boundaries and using glazing in innovative and exciting ways that we mere mortals could never dare imagine possible.   Here's three of my favourite glass buildings to swoon over. And just remember if you are thinking of going full-pelt with your own glass house, keep away from stones, golf courses and stockpile the window cleaner...   1 THE GLASS HOUSE by Philip Johnson American architect, Philip Johnson, may have created some of the world's most impressive skyscrapers (the quirky angled La Puerta de Europa office blocks in Madrid are not to be missed), but it is his own Glass House in Connecticut, built in the 1940s, that is the most beautiful. Built on top of a dramatic hill on a rolling 47-acre estate, this masterpiece of a dwelling exploits the sheer power and pared-back, beauty of transparent glass walls. This is how to bring nature into the home in true style...  


  2 GLASS HOME by Carlo Santambrogio Okay, so this might only be a concept house, and, admittedly all that glass might be a tad revealing, if not uncomfortable to live with, day-in, day-out. But there's no denying the sheer, raw beauty of this blue-tinged glass cube that sits smack bang in the middle of a wooded clearing in Italy. It's the brainchild of architect and glass designer, Carlo Santambrogio, and made entirely of 6mm glass that can be specially heated during the winter. The only concession to non-glass is the bed. Well, we all need a little comfort now and again.


  3 TSCHUGGEN GRAND HOTEL by Mario Botta Even if you aren't the proud owner of your very own glass house, you can still experience the sheer magic of one of these magnificent creations by booking into a glass hotel. One such luxe destination is the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in the winter resort of Arosa, Switzerland. Swiss architect, Mario Botta, dreamt up a series of glacial-like, glass structures that pierce the snow-clad surroundings in the winter for a truly mesmerising ambience. And that's not forgetting the pools, the rock grotto, the wellness spa and the hotel's very own mountain railway if you get a little tired of staring at all that glass...


  Are you fascinated by glass houses? And do you live in your very own home made from big planes of glass? We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments...   You may also be interested in one of these articles: 9 inspired swimming pool ideas Luxurious getaway



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