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Seven Special Reading Spaces for Any Home

Posted by Bridgman on

Until not too long ago nearly every home had a space just for reading. Whether it was an entire room called a library or study or just a chair and a lamp in a corner, it was dedicated to enjoyment of the printed word. Whilst lifestyles have changed – and so have the mechanics of reading –but reading spaces are just as relevant today as in the past. Here are seven great ideas for incorporating a special spot into your home décor.  

1. Hang in There!

You'll feel like you're a million miles away on a tropical island when you pick up a book in a hanging chair. What's special about this swinging seat is that instead of being on the porch it's inside the house! It won't matter what's going on around you because you'll be in your own island paradise.  

2. Landing Window Seat

Talking about stairs, don't let the window wall on your landing go to waste. Build bookcases and cabinets on either side of the window and connect them with a seat at the bottom of the window. With throw pillows and a thick foam cushion, it's made for curling up with a book or an e-reader – and taking a look outside when it's time for a break.  

3. Garden Reading Room

Who said the reading space has to be inside your house? A garden shed is easily converted into a quaint reading room. With airy wicker furniture, lacy curtains, and generous doors that open out, it becomes a natural extension of your garden. Rain or shine, there's no better place to leaf through garden catalogues.  

4. Reading Room on the Floor

Some people – and not just children – enjoy northing better than sitting on the floor and settling down with a good book. A section of plush carpeting on the floor and a big pillow along the wall make an easily adjustable seat. Create a bit of privacy with low-slung wall hangings.  

5. Benches at the Bottom of the Stairs

A gracious open stairway creates a corner nook on the lower floor. Situated in an entryway, it's an opportunity that often gets wasted. Instead of a table for accumulating mail and newspapers, install made-to-order benches. With upholstered cushions and throw pillows coordinated with drapes and carpeting, it's the perfect spot to relax with a good book.  

6. Living Room Loveseat

Sometimes there's just not enough floor space to dedicate a spot to reading. You can still have your special spot by choosing flexible furnishings. For example, you can convert your living room to a reading room just by adding a pillow and a comforter to your loveseat. Done reading? The loveseat returns to its job as a social centre.  

7. Magazine Rack Seat

The magazine rack seat is ideal for the person who is into both retro and techno. Believe it or not, the mellow chair is actually surrounded and held up by a circular magazine rack. Just reach your hand up, down, left, or right and pull up something good to read.     To Read or Not to Read? As different as these spaces are, all are designed for spending a few quiet moments in the midst of busy lives – with or without a book! Got more suggestions for reading spaces? Share it in the comments..   Sources: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7


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