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20 Inspirational & Affordable Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

Posted by Bridgman on

For years, restaurants and bars have built rooftop terraces to offer their customers the best view over the city while they enjoyed a drink or a meal. And if you enjoy hanging out in these places, why not have your own Rooftop Garden?

Nowadays, having a private rooftop garden seems to be more and more common, especially in big cities and urban places. It can be less expensive than an actual garden, it can be added to many houses, and the view over a city is just awesome. But even if having a rooftop garden is trendy, there are not that many guides to help you design the best rooftop garden you can. And most of pictures you can see are from hotels or very special places, that means areas that not every one can afford.

There are so many "How to" guides to design your outdoor space, to find the perfect plants, furniture and accessories... but a rooftop garden has its own requirements, in particular with regards to its size and its height. Of course, you can just ask a landscape designer to do it for you, but it is often expensive, and you may feel less involved than if you were doing it by yourself. You may also want to try to apply garden design rules and tips to a rooftop garden and see if it works out... or, you can take inspiration from the web and design your very own outdoor space!

We strongly believe than taking inspiration from professionals and hobby designers is the best solution: simply mix'n'match what you like! That being said, you can still adapt the 2014 Trends in Home Décor to your rooftop garden.


Using Black and White borders and deck gives a very minimalist look to this patio. And it is topped up with colourful furniture and containers.


Colours, colours, colours: it is summer time!


This garden is exactly what we can call a "rooftop garden". Original and aesthetic, it is also insulating. The perfect way to save money on food and heating!


Instead of a round fire pit surrounded by armchairs, the chimney encrusted in the wall saves space. The use of modular sofas gives the impression of a quite big rooftop.


Three main parts of this rooftop are easily identifiable: the garden with the lawn, the dining area with the table and a place to relax or to spend time with loved ones.


Matching light colours (lime green - off white - soft brown) enlighten and enlarge this space, making it an extraordinary terrace.


The sofa in the corner surrounded by plants is the best solution to have an intimate space on this small rooftop. And you can add folding chairs if more people want to join.


One table, four chairs and benches all around the walls: inexpensive solution for a great result!


The choice of common furniture makes the rooftop really cosy and intimate for two people who want to enjoy the weather and relax.


Why not add some water and water lily to your rooftop? Great look guaranteed!


Barstools definitely help to save room! And the sun loungers create a holiday atmosphere.


It is always difficult to choose right furniture for a space longer than wide. A sunbed with deep cushions is perfect to relax and enjoy moments on your own in the sun.


Opening a room onto the outdoor space widens the house really a lot. Also, having huge windows will make the indoor brighter.


A transparent roof will help preserve your privacy if your rooftop is not the highest of the area, while still being able to enjoy fresh air. Even if no one can see you, a pergola is useful to protect your furniture in case of rain!


This is clever! The rolling side table can be moved and stored very easily, which can be useful when the rooftop surface is small.


Why hide the view when you can enjoy it every day from your own rooftop? Use resistant transparent windows instead of walls, it changes everything!


A layer of grass, real or fake, makes your rooftop look much more like a garden.


Plants all around the edge and on the deck keep the air fresh on the rooftop, and bring shadow when you need it.


Match accessories and plants colours to give the best look to your rooftop garden. You can also add features if you want a more thematic place (zen, oriental, modern...).


The carpet in the center of the deck makes the rooftop garden looking like an indoor living room: cozy, comfortable and sophisticated.


Tell us what is your favorite place! Just comment here And share inspiration with your friends, Pin pictures you like by clicking on them & Recommend the article on Google +.

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