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Then and Now: Repurposed Furniture at its Best

Posted by Bridgman on

Repurposed furniture is like the world: never what is used to be. What was a bicycle then is a vanity now. What started as a ladder is now a bookshelf.

Before you throw anything out, give it new life as a piece of repurposed furniture. Here you will find remarkable transformations to inspire your repurposing projects.

Repurposed Furniture as Home Accessories

Windows as Room Dividers Who says windows have to go on an outside wall? They work equally well as room dividers, especially paired with bookshelves.  

From Ladder to Bookshelf Old paint-splattered ladders may not be safe to stand on anymore, but turn them on their sides with the rungs vertical and hang them on the wall for bookshelves with character.  

The Art of Repurposed Furniture Hang folding wooden chairs on the wall and see what happens. You might have a wall hanging, a coat rack, shelves, seats. Like art, it’s a matter of perception.  

Smaller than a Breadbox What’s smaller than a breadbox? A cellular phone. That’s why you can turn an old breadbox into a charging station for four or five small electronic devices.  

From Piano to Shelf Unit Make a grand statement with a dismantled piano purposed as a unique set of shelves. Save the ivories for decoration.  

Repurposed Furniture from Unusual Sources

Cars Repurposed as Beds Tremendous creative effort goes into the design of cars. Once their operating days are over take advantage of their beautiful lines and solid framework to make unique beds even adults will appreciate.  

From Oak Desk to Bathroom Vanity It’s easy to turn an old oak desk into a bathroom vanity. Just cut a hole for the sink and you have repurposed furniture.  

Bicycle Built for the Bathroom Combine a bicycle, a board, and a bathroom sink into a vanity your guests will never forget. The basket holds the guest towels.  

Tufted Headboard Inexpensive burlap fabric transforms a plain wooden board into a custom tufted headboard.  

Repurposed Furniture from Pallets Any toddler would love this rustic and cosy bed made from (free) pallets. Leave the wood natural or paint it the child’s favourite colour.  

Church Pew Turned Headboard Take one church pew and cut away the seat, leaving a foot on each side. Slide in the bed into a headboard with built-in night tables.  

Suitcase Chair Old suitcases have stories to tell. Instead of throwing them out, give them new life as chairs with sturdy legs and plush cushions.  

Furniture Repurposed from Grocery Carts Image metal and plastic grocery carts as high-style repurposed furniture! And in red, no less.  

From Bathtub to Sofa The elegance of a vintage claw-foot tub cannot be denied. You can make a sofa from the tub without losing the fluid lines and magnificent feet.  

Coffee Table from Magazines Instead of recycling your old magazines and newspapers put them to go use. Just pile them up to whatever height you want and strap them together.  

From Telephone Booth to Lounger You’ll have history on your side when you upend a traditional red telephone booth and make a lounger out of it.  

DIY Computer Table It’s a shame to let an old wire spool go to waste. Take advantage of the sturdy wood and natural curves to make a custom computer table.  

From Tyre to Table You’ll never “tire” of this fanciful coffee table made from an old tractor tyre. Probably want to clean it up first!  

Repurposed Furniture for Outdoor Living

Bench Seating Outdoor seating from a broken bench and broken chairs is the essence of repurposed furniture.  

Chair Turned Swing Many a lovely chair has been cast aside with a broken leg. Swings don’t need legs, so just take the rest off, add some rope, and hang it from an old oak tree.  

Western Webbing Have you noticed that the webbing on folding lawn chairs wears out long before the metal frame? Instead of buying new plastic webbing, weave western leather belts for a strong seat with lots of character.  

There’s no limit to the possibilities of repurposed furniture. Subscribe to the newsletter for more inspiring ideas about furniture!


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