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Why You Should Invest in Quality Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Posted by Bridgman on

  Rattan garden furniture has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last 5 years. Whereas before the predominant demand was for wooden garden furniture, Rattan has become most people’s garden furniture of choice. Below is a graph representing the shift in consumer interest, measured by searches in Google:

What is Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture?

Synthetic Rattan is the popular name used by many retailers describing a poly-ethelene extruded material. It looks similar to natural Rattan, however it has many advantageous properties. Whilst Indonesia harvest the majority of natural vines, It is also widely respected as the premier manufacturer of synthetic rattan furniture. Their unique ability to hand weave the fine strands so masterfully is the result of generations of practice. Emulation of this complex process has recently been undertaken by a variety of nations, in particular India and China. Whilst garden furniture from these regions is inexpensive, the quality of the weave, and furniture is often reflective of the price. This inexperience is most evident when given more complex tasks.

How Can You Tell the Quality of Synthetic Rattan?

Like natural Rattan, synthetic Rattan is available in a vast array of styles and qualities. Synthetic Rattan can be extruded to almost any thickness, colour or shape. The most popular extrusions are those with a full round weave, a half round weave, or a flat weave. Weaves that use more material (i.e. full round weave) are more expensive, and generally manufactured to a higher quality. The appearance of full round weave is more authentic, and it is more attractive when woven. However the type of weave is not the only aspect to take into consideration when selecting Rattan furniture. The extrusion process is when the quality of the synthetic Rattan weave is determined. There are many components to take into consideration that will ultimately determine how weather resistant and durable the weave is. If manufactured to a high quality, UV inhibitors and stabilisers will be added in order for the garden furniture to resist intense heat and cold, as well as resistance against fading, cracking or splitting.   Reputable companies will supply garden furniture with guarantees. Generally, companies with inferior products will offer as little as 0-2 years, whilst higher quality products may come with guarantees ranging from 3-10 years. If you choose high quality garden furniture you will undoubtedly be happy with it for years, whereas if you buy a cheap alternative it will not last long in harsh climates.   To view our range of quality rattan furniture, click here.

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