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Preparing Your Patio for Winter

Posted by Bridgman on

It seems that winter is upon us, with some parts of the UK recently hit by floods, torrential rain and strong winds. December is just around the corner and a few areas of the country have already experienced snowfall. Severe weather conditions could take place all of a sudden and we should certainly start thinking about the well-being of our homes, including the outdoor living areas. A few weeks ago we gave you some tips on how to prepare your garden for winter. In continuation of this wintery theme, we’d like to advise you on how to better prepare your patio.  

Securing Patio Furniture

If you have good quality patio furniture you won’t need to store it for winter. All Bridgman garden furniture is designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, but it’s always good to make sure that it’s secure. To prevent your patio furniture from being scattered around the garden, simply follow a few simple measures:

• Place all the furniture in a corner of your garden, which would ideally serve as a shelter from the wind; • Put your patio furniture set together and cover it properly with some durable waterproof fabric. Bridgman garden furniture set covers have been specially designed for this purpose; • Secure the set with a rope to ensure that the cover is not blown off by the wind; • Remove all accessories, patio heaters and other objects and place them in a dry place; • Make sure that there’s nothing heavy and movable around that could accidentally fall on your garden furniture and potentially damage it.

Bridgman Furniture Set Cover & Cushion Bag

  Alternatively, should you have enough free room inside your house, you can always put your patio set indoors. While waiting for the sunny days when you’ll have the chance to enjoy your garden, you might like to seek some inspiration for changing its ambience by adding some new accessories, plants or rearranging the furniture set.    


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