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Preparing Your Garden For An Olympic Party

Posted by Bridgman on

The London Olympics is set to be the largest sporting event to occur in the UK’s history, and even if you’re not a sports enthusiast, you will be hard put to escape the media attention that the occasion draws. If you’re looking to celebrate alongside billions of other people around the world, then having an Olympic garden party is the ideal way to enjoy this great event with family and friends whilst supporting the nation.   With the sun having finally graced Britain with its attention, it’s the ideal time to get outside and set up your party area. There are a few vital components of any great outside lounge space, and you need to ensure that you provide guests with enough comfortable seating so that everyone isn’t huddled around the television. Rattan furniture is ideal for garden parties as its both comfortable and easily maintained, allowing you to do little else than throw down some cushion and throws. With the many modular rattan sofa sets that are available, you’ll also be able to ensure there’s enough seating for all of your guests in any layout that you might desire. In addition, modern synthetic rattan materials are hardy against both rain and sun, allowing you to have peace of mind that you can leave your furniture outside throughout the year if you want to hold more than one get-together.   Another vital piece of kit for any Olympic party is a television, and you’ll need to ensure that you have the correct cords and extensions so that you can move your TV outside. Whilst there are waterproof sets available, swinging around an existing television so that everyone on your deck and patio area can see it is often the best option. As an alternative, a smaller set can be bought especially for the party.   With the long summer nights allowing you to party well after sunset, it’s important to take precautions to stave off cooler temperatures and biting insects. As mentioned, throws can be used for guests to stay warm, whilst patio heaters are another option. To dissuade mosquitoes and other biting insects, it’s also a good idea to buy scented, bug repellent candles. These will not only help keep insects away, but will add to your party’s ambiance. Barbeques are also a great idea at this time of year, enabling you to take advantage of the summer sun whilst cooking food outside.   The Games have almost begun and soon Britain’s patriot heart will be in full support of our GB team. And, by ensuring that your furniture and patio setup is thought out in time, you can throw an Olympic party that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Good luck Britain!



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