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What You Need to Know About Synthetic Rattan

Posted by Bridgman on

Rattan is a type of palm vine that is used extensively throughout the world to make a number of different furniture products and baskets. It is found in a variety of countries in South-east Asia, and is more abundant in dense jungle areas.   Recent developments in technology has seen this style of rattan furniture imitated using extruded poly ethylene. Synthetic Rattan furniture is quite popular, as it is relatively inexpensive, visually appealing, and extremely durable. Rattan furniture is mainly used in outdoor areas because of its low propensity to break down or degrade due to environmental conditions. Some homeowners also choose to install rattan furniture within their households.


Furniture made from synthetic rattan can be used to establish a distinct exotic interior or exterior design in the area it is placed. Popular furniture sets include dining tables complete with rattan/wicker chair sets, lounge chairs and arm chairs, garden sofas, and corner sofas with coffee tables. Most furniture pieces will come with separate foam sections or cushions that fit into the framework of the construction itself, allowing for plenty of design variation to enhance the rustic appearance of the rattan itself. In regards to the design or style of the furniture, there are many different options to choose from. If you are interested in purchasing rattan furniture, consider browsing through an online furniture store or local furniture store. This type of furniture is particularly popular in summer, so if purchasing out of season you are likely to find some good discounts. Prices will vary according to the manufacturer, which means that you can also expect to encounter variations in the material quality of the rattan used in the furniture piece's construction. Before purchasing synthetic rattan furniture, look for details regarding its origins and manufacturer. This will help you to avoid paying unnecessary sums of money for furniture that is not worth as much in the long run. Furniture made from rattan is generally quite easy to maintain. To remove dust, stains or spills you can use a damp cloth as you would with most other types of furniture. For more information regarding synthetic rattan furniture, please see our rattan furniture guide.


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