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Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall?

Posted by Bridgman on

We all need a few well-placed mirrors in the home to make sure we look our best in the morning, but there is so much more we can do with mirror - particularly in a small space. Here's five of the best light-enhancing, space-stretching ways with mirror for every room in the house. Be prepared for a little mirror magic...


Mirrors are not a common fixture in the kitchen, but used creatively, they can create real wow factor and help a space seem larger. A sleek, mirrored splashback running behind your base units for example will help bounce light around your cook space and while this is bound to get a little greasy from time to time, mirrors aren't too difficult to keep clean and smear-free; but if you do want to keep cooking splashes to a minimum, try fitting a slim, ribbon of mirror panelling above a tiled or stone splashback. For masses of old-school glamour, we love the high shine, mirror metro brick tiles around £74 per sq m from wallsandfloors.co.uk, while panels of reflective mirrored steel fixed to base cabinets (or wall units if you have toddlers in tow!) are beautiful, striking and too-cool-for-school.




This design trick doesn't call for any major outlay and can be done simply and gradually as your interior evolves. By grouping together a bunch of mismatched mirrors, your wall be transformed into a visually light-enhancing gallery without the need for heavier pictures and prints. Pick up smaller mirrors in car boot sales and bargain retailers and if they have frames, paint them in the same colour for a harmonious, fuss-free look.


Tall, floor-length mirrors look fabulous propped up against a wall and will instantly open up a small, dark hallway. Scour second-hand shops and flea markets for unusual shapes or pretty, carved surrounds that can be upcycled with a quick lick of paint if necessary. If you do have a separate dining room, a tall mirror hung next to the table will reflect glassware and candlelight for a soft ambient glow but still keep the space light and bright. Another idea is to hang a series of long mirror panels behind a sofa or chair and watch the room's dimensions magically double in size in seconds. If you have a larger budget to play with, bespoke panels of antiqued mirror glass from the likes of rupertbevan.com are utterly gorgeous.



Be it modern or vintage, every bathroom needs a great mirror. As well as being a key functional must-have, mirrors inject decorative clout (who can resist a fancy-pants, carved mirror in burnished gilt) help reflect light and create a feeling of space - especially in a pocket-sized bathroom. Mirrors that double up as practical storage cabinets are a godsend: choose simple blocky units that open up to reveal a whole host of shelves and drawers for stashing your bathroom lotions and potions. Don't dismiss stick-on, mirrored tiles as 80s cast-offs, as covering one wall (perhaps just around the bath) with these DIY design beauties will enhance the clean lines and max out on space. And if you don't have floor space for a full-length mirror, why not make use of the back of the door with a tall mirrored panel? (And remember to keep some door frame clear around the mirror for the handle and to let visitors know this is a door and not the walkway into another room!)



Oozing with Art Deco glamour, mirrored furniture is visually light and spare and won't crowd your room like heavier materials such as wood and metal will. While vintage originals are expensive, the high-street is awash with good copies that will add sparkle and shine to any room in the house. Next has a great selection to choose from including modern, cube consoles, ornate dressing tables and copper-framed chests that will add opulence and classic style.

Have you worked your magic with mirrors before? Please share your design tricks and tips. And if you enjoyed the article please share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and use the #inspiredideas .

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