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March gardening calendar

Posted by Bridgman on

March is often a busy month in gardening. Spring is just around the corner which means less frost, that is what we are hoping for at least. A lot more warmer days on which we can do a whole lot in the garden! This gardening calendar will give you useful tips to make your garden bloom this spring.  


Use a pot that is about twice the size of the currently used pot. Cover the bottom of the larger pot with gravel or clay granules. This will regulate the humidity/moisture. Large, slow-growing plants need to be re-potted once every two years. Faster growing plants should be re-potted annually. Here are some more tips:
  • Re-pot plants that grow flower buds after the flowering process.
  • After buying a container plant, it is recommended to transfer the plant to a larger container straightaway.
  • After re-potting, the plants should only go outside when it is above 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Never re-pot a plant or tree when it freezes.

Planting summer bulbs

Plant Dahlia tubers and roses without the root ball. Look out for snails, they love tendrils. Ornamental grasses such as Stipa should be pruned every four years. Plant bulbs such as Daffodils and Alliums, next to the ornamental grasses. Violets can stand a little frost and can therefore be planted in March.

Removing winter cover

Remove all of the winter covers that had been installed to protect cold-sensitive plants. If these plants remain protected, they will warm up too much resulting in an untimely development. In case it will freeze more than expected, cover the plants for the night only.  

Planting creepers

Plant the creepers and make sure to tie them down properly straightaway. This is the last month you could still relocate already planted creepers. Use a garden fork to do this. Do not forget to water the plant right after replanting it. Cut off the dead branches.  


Most plants are almost through their dormancy and are getting ready to bloom. Therefore, it is important to fertilize these plants. Also fertilize the lawn once a month starting in March.  

Mowing the lawn

The lawn could be mowed weekly from now on. Don't forget to rake the grass in advance. And most importantly, make sure not to mow your grass when it is wet or frosty.  

Pruning bushes and trees

Prune the hedges and fruit trees in order for old flowering tops to be removed by cutting off the first half of last year’s growth.   We hope this gardening calendar will guide you towards a well-maintained garden. If so, like and share this blog post to make sure others can also benefit from these tips.   Image credit: Image 1: Re-potting Image 2: Down To Earth Digs Image 3: Urban Farmer Image 4: Dave's Garden Image 5: BioActive Cocopeat Image 6: Wise Geek Image 7: Flora Gardening      


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