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How To Make Giant Bubbles For the Ultimate Garden Party Trick

Posted by Bridgman on

What’s not to love about giant bubbles? Pretty, magical and easy to make…we show you how to go large and create bubblicious garden fun for all the family to enjoy   There’s something oh so mesmerising about streams of cute see-through bubbles. Of course, a sky full of iridescent-tinged bubbles can’t help but conjure up childhood memories, but even as adults, these wobbly wonders inject a certain frivolity to a garden soiree, as they float up and pop into the sky (and they’re dead cheap too.)


So how about trying your hand at giant bubbles. It’s a great summer activity to do outside in the garden with children (of all ages!) and will definitely bring gasps, smiles and chuckles in the process. We’ve taken this recipe from www.tatertotsandjello.com which does require a some prepping with materials and a touch of DIY beforehand. But I guarantee you, once you’re up and running you won’t stop singing “I’m forever blowing bubbles…”. All day long… BUBBLE SOLUTION: 12 cups purified water 5 cups unscented and uncoloured dishwashing soap ½ cup glycerine  


1 Pour the water into a clean bucket 2 Pour the dishwashing soap into the water, then mix it gently with a wooden spoon 3 Pour in the glycerine and mix gently again. You don’t want ANY bubbles MAKE THE WANDS 2 wooden dowels (60cm dowels work well) A bead or washer cotton string (choose quite a lightweight string)   1 Cut a 250cm piece of cotton string and another piece around 175cm (you can make the string as long or as short as you like – as long as one string is longer than the other – we like our bubbles BIG) 2 Tie string to the 2 sticks with the washer in the middle of the bottom string. 3 The washer will weigh the string down. Make sure the middle top string is shorter that the bottom string. AND NOW FOR THE SCIENCE BIT….HOW TO MAKE THE GIANT BUBBLES! 1 Take your bucket outside 2 Put the end of the dowels in the bucket making sure the string is submerged 3 Bring the ends of the dowels up from the bubble solution, together until about chest high 4 Then separate the dowels by pulling them outward so the string makes a triangle, pointing down. The washers will weigh the centre of the bottom string down. Step backward quickly so that the air goes through the bubble solution between the dowels and makes a bubble. Voila – gigantic bubbles for all to admire! PS It might take you a while to get the hang of it, but when you’ve sussed your giant bubbles there’s hours of fun to be had, for very little outlay. You may have to tweak the bubble solution and add a touch more glycerine to ensure you get beautiful bubbles all day long… Have you ever tried making giant bubbles? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks and see your huge bubbly creations!

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