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Make (and Break) Mexican Cascarones this Easter

Posted by Bridgman on

I like to add traditions from other cultures to our Easter celebration. This year we are going to make Cascarones (say ‘cask-a-row-nees’), or Mexican confetti-filled eggs. The idea of filling eggshells with small gifts started in China and spread to Mexico about 250 years ago. Cascarones are now popular at Easter and other holidays. As part of the Cascarone tradition, people break the eggs over their friends’ heads and watch as the confetti streams down their faces. Sounds odd? It may be, but it’s really a ton of fun. Plus, some people believe that the shower of confetti brings with it good luck. Cascarones are easy to make. Fun for kids of all ages…and adults. Here’s how: Gather Supplies
  • Eggs
  • Paper confetti
  • Glue
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Egg decorating supplies
Make the Eggs
  1. Empty the eggs. You can empty all the eggs at once or save them up from cooking. Instead of cracking the egg in the middle, make a small hole in the top. Shake the yolk and the white out. Rinse the inside of each shell with water; then rinse again with soap and water and let the shells dry.
  2. Decorate the eggs. Use dye, glitter, glue guns – and anything else you and the kids can think of to make the eggs festive. Kids seem to like this part the best, well, except for breaking the eggs over their friends’ heads.
  3. After the decorations dry, fill the shells with confetti.
  4. Cut tissue papers into small squares, just big enough to cover the holes. Squirt a little glue along the rim of each hole. Then cover each hole with a square of tissue paper.

Crack the eggs

Get ready for screams and laughter!! By the way, it’s a little easier if you crack the egg with the tissue-covered opening pointing down, toward the head. And you might want to do this outdoors.   I like the idea of using Cascarones instead of chocolate-filled plastic Easter eggs. There’s no waste, Cascarones are fun to make (and even more fun to crack), and we all learn about a culture different from our own. If Mexican confetti-eggs appeal to you, why not pin the pictures and share the article on Facebook or Google +.   Image Credit: Image 1: Oh Happy Day Image 2: Spanglish Baby


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