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Lively Sculptures from Discarded Objects by Sayaka Ganz

Posted by Bridgman on

Here on the Bridgman Blog, we often feature creative, unusual and enticing design concepts. Should you be intending to complement the ambiance of your living spaces by adding unique and vivid sculptures, the creations of Sayaka Ganz will surely give you some inspiration. Sayaka Ganz crafts impressive sculptures from reclaimed plastic and scrap metal. She was born in Yokohama and grew up in Japan, Brazil and Hong Kong, and is now a lecturer at Indiana University, where she teaches design and drawing courses. Her life experience has shaped her approach and inspiration as an artist, as her goal for every object she creates is to transcend its origin by being integrated into organic forms that are alive and in motion. This is the reason why her recent sculptures depict animals with vibrant colours and energy.    

"Scrap metal pieces themselves are ultimately what trigger my imagination to create these animal sculptures. Every piece has its own history and memory, bent, torn and rusted from being used outdoors for a long time. They are lifelike and organic in that sense."

Sayaka Ganz

  Sayaka’s sculpture “Ambush” has been installed permanently in the educational wing of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. She recently completed a commission of a series of four marine life sculptures for the Monerey Bay Aquarium in California. Her work has been also exhibited at events in London, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and many others.   If you're interested to find out more about Sayaka and her work, visit    


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