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Last minute Easter DIY project

Posted by Bridgman on

Easter break is almost there!

Some of us are ready to welcome the Easter Bunny. But if you didn't prepare anything yet, don't worry, it's never too late! Try these Easter DIY projects: inexpensive, easy, quick and beautiful.


#1 Ghost eggs

As you know, Easter is all about decorating eggs. We decided to make Easter eggs… without eggs! These balloon eggs are perfect to put on a table or shelf and effortlessly brighten the room. They're also very easy to make! All you will need is: - Water balloons or regular balloons - Craft Glue (We used Mod Podge) - Wool Threads, any colour you like - Plastic cup - Scissors

1. In a plastic cup, mix craft glue and water in equal proportions. 2. You then need to blow in a balloon until it reaches the size you want. Ideally, the size of an egg, but like us you can try to make bigger ones. Tie it up by making a knot or a rubber band. 3. Dip you wool thread pieces into the glue and water mix. Choose as many colours as you want! We only used 2 or 3 for each egg but you can get creative! Cut the length that you want: it should be long enough to wrap around the egg. 4. Cover the balloon with the glue soaked wool, making sure there is enough thread so the structure holds. 5. Allow to dry completely. To be sure, we let the balloons dry overnight. 6. Pop the balloons using a sharp object like scissors or a drawing pin.

And now you have an Easter egg… without the egg!


#2 Striped Eggs

This tutorial will show you how to make striped eggs, a nice twist of the classic coloured egg! This is very easy; all you need is a bit of time as you have to wait for each layer to dry.

Here’s what you will need: - Boiled eggs - Food colouring - Hot water + white vinegar - Plastic cups (makes it less messy and saves on washing up!)

1. Pour a small amount of the hot water + vinegar mix into a cup. Add some food colouring of your choice, the first layer has to be quite concentrated if you want a bolder colour. 2. Remember, if you have blue, red and yellow you can make any colour in the rainbow. 3. Carefully place the egg inside the cup and leave it for at least 10 minutes. We waited 15 minutes to be sure. Be careful not to move the egg or cup because the egg could slip! 4. Pour some more water + vinegar to create another stripe of less concentrated colour. Be careful, the egg might move! Wait another 10 minutes. 5. Repeat as many times as needed, depending on how many stripes you want to make. 3 to 5 layers are possible, depending on the size of your egg. 6. Once you’ve reached the last layer, the egg should be completely in the water. Wait another 10 minutes (we told you this would take a little patience!) 7. Empty the cup to remove all the coloured water. Vertically wrap a cup with rubber band so the egg doesn't fall when you empty the cup; or cut the top of a bottle, flip it over and pour the water + egg into it (while the cap is still on!), then remove the cap on top of a sink or container. 8. Let the egg completely dry.

Decorate the eggs as you like; bold colours or more natural look, you choose! Just be careful because if the colour is too dark it might be difficult to see the stripes. We are quite pleased with the result and it wasn't hard at all!


#3 Lace Eggs

Using lace can add a delicate and sophisticated touch to your Easter eggs. We made several versions, but the steps are always the same. You can of course play with the patterns, and use different lace or ribbons!

Here is the basic material: - Boiled eggs - Hot water + white vinegar - Food colouring - Plastic cup - Scissors - Lace or ribbon - Craft glue - Paint brush

1. In a plastic cup, pour the mix of hot water + vinegar and add the food colouring. Stir well and dissolve the colouring into the water. If you don't want to stain any utensil, use a plastic spoon or something similar. 2. Put the egg in the water and wait at least 10-15 mins. Make sure the entire egg is covered, move it around from time to time (or you will get spots without any colour!). 3. Get rid of the coloured water. You can use one of our tips explained in the striped eggs tutorial. Let the egg completely dry before proceeding to the next step. 4. Using a paint brush, put some craft glue on the egg where you want your lace or ribbon to be. Place the lace (or ribbon) on the egg and make sure it sticks well. Be careful not to move the lace too much or the colour would also transfer onto this. Let the fabric dry.

The lace eggs look like delicate little gifts! For a more natural look, you could also keep your eggs natural and dip the lace into the food colouring, then stick it to the egg once dry.


#4 Wool Threads Eggs

These eggs are probably our favourites! They are easy to make and you can really get creative with them! We used vibrant colours and we love the result! Here’s what you need to make them: - Wool thread - Boiled eggs - Craft glue - Paintbrush - Scissors 1. Put a generous amount of glue at the top of the egg and place the end of a thread on it. Wait until completely dry. The end will stay in place and this will make the next step so much easier. 2. Start wrapping the egg in a snail pattern, going around it as tight as you can. Don’t hesitate to put a thick layer of glue on the egg but try not to put any on the visible side of the thread (if you do, it is not the end of the world). 3. When you want to change the colour, simply cut the thread and continue with another colour. You can wait until the first part is dry but this is not vital. However once your egg starts to be covered it might be better to wait because you will have to hold the egg where there is thread. 4. Add as many stripes as you want, changing the width or not! We decided to go for a classic striped pattern. You can use the other end of the paintbrush to make sure the thread is well placed. Even if the wool could have reminded us of winter, the colours are so bright that only spring comes to our minds!  

#5 Felt Basket

We couldn’t make Easter eggs without having nice little baskets top put the eggs into! This tutorial will show you how to make a felt basket that will be perfect to display your Easter decorations.

Here is the material you will need: - Felt wool - Hot glue gun + glue sticks OR craft glue (like Mod Podge) + paintbrush - Square Box or Tupperware of the size you want your basket to be - Ruler - Scissors - Felt pen

1. Measure the width of your box and divide it by 3. This will be the width of your felt strips. Trace and cut 9 strips in the felt. It should be long enough to cover the box and more. Our strips were about 24 inches (60cm). 2. Flip the box over and cover it with 3 strips. A tip: a high box would be perfect for this, but if you don’t have any you can put your box on a high glass. 3. Weave 3 other strips through the first ones. This is the base of the basket. 4. Take one strip and weave it around the box. You need to go over and under the base strips and continue this until you have gone around the box. 5. Secure the strip with hot glue or craft glue. We used both methods and they both worked well. 6. Once you’ve done the same with the remaining 2 strips, you can remove the box and turn the basket on its right side up. For the pieces that stick out front: fold them and glue them on the inside of the basket. For the pieces that come from the inside of the basket: bend them over the front, tuck them under the felt and glue them. You can also do like us and simply cut those pieces and glue them on the inside. Your basket will have another look

Isn’t this basket adorable? You can fill it with fake grass and newspapers to make it retain its shape when you put your eggs inside. The fake grass is also a nice touch of spring inside the house!


If you try any of these, don't hesitate to share pictures with us by commenting on this blog post. Share inspiration & help your friends find ideas for Easter! Pin the pictures & recommend the post on Google +.



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