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35 Fun and Easy Kids’ Summer Activities

Posted by Bridgman on

Besides being fun, these kids’ summer activities are good for your youngsters’ health and wellbeing. Creativity, exercise, and laughter in the great outdoors make summer an endless adventure. Here are some of the best kids’ summer activities we've found.

1. Play Musical Sprinkler

In a twist on the old favourite musical chairs, kids run around the sprinkler striking poses and stop when the water comes on.

2. Play Balloon Ping Pong

Use hands or paper plates to hit balloons across the lawn. A washing line makes a great net for this active summer activity.

3. Make Water Piñatas

Fill colourful balloons with water. Hang them on a washing line and hit them with a stick or paper roll until they break and the water pours out.

4. Hold Wacky Races

Use whatever you have on hand to create an obstacle course. Challenge kids to hop backwards, run with a beanbag on their heads, or do the hula as they make their way to the finish line.

5. Make and Play Pebble Dominoes

Send the kids out hunting for flat stones. Paint spots on the stones so they look like dominoes. They’ll be perfect for playing a game of dominoes in the garden.

6. Win at Paper Plate Hoopla

Cut the centre out of a handful of paper plates. Have the kids decorate the plates and a cardboard tube. Stick the tube in the ground over a tent stake and challenge the kids to toss their plates over the tube.

7. Build a Den

Many of the best kids’ summer activities involve hiding. It can be as simple as draping a blanket over a table to create a den where kids can play.

8. Organise a Snail Race

Draw a racetrack on a large piece of paper. Send the children into the garden to find snails. Set each snail up in a lane and see who wins the race.

9. Have a Water Fight

There’s no better summer activity than playing with water. Cool off with water pistols for a safe and fun fight.

10. Sponge Ball Water Bombs

Cut three sponges into strips. Use string to tie five strips together in the centre. Pull the string tight and you have sponge balls for water fights in the pool.

11. Hunt for Bugs

Send kids into the garden hunting for bugs. Look under rocks, on leaves, and around plants. A magnifying glass makes the search even more fun.

12. Play in the Mud

Kids’ summer activities that involve getting dirty are so much fun. Making mud pies, rolling in the mud – nothing’s more fun than that!

13. Paint the Walls

There’s no mess when you paint with water. Give the kids a jar of water and a paintbrush and let them paint the walls, floors, and fences of your garden.

14. Chalk the Walks

Give the kids free rein to draw on your walks and driveways with chunky coloured chalk. Don’t worry; it washes off with rain or a quick hose down.

15. Camp Out in the Garden

Pitch a tent in the garden and sleep there after a barbeque dinner. Your first camping trip is the start of a lifetime of great summer activities.

16. Climb a Tree

Keep an eye out for a great climbing tree in the neighbourhood. Then introduce your kids to classic outdoor fun.

17. Make toasted marshmallows

Sandwich roasted marshmallows between graham crackers and milk chocolate squares. Everyone will want “some more”.

18. Catch Lightning Bugs

Give everyone a jar and go out after dark to catch lightning bugs. Watch them light up, then set them free.

19. Make Art on the Lawn

Lay an old sheet on the lawn. Use paint or markers to create masterpieces.

20. Create Pine Cone Feeders

Spread peanut butter and suet over pinecones. Roll the pinecones in birdseed, then hang them from trees.

21. Make Ice Cream in a Bag

Kids shake bags of sugar, cream, and vanilla to make homemade ice cream.

22. Find the Letter

Write letters in chalk on the driveway or walk. Call out a letter and have your toddler find the letter.

23. Make Your Own Hula-Hoop

Fill a length of irrigation tubing with rice or dry beans. Attach the ends with a coupling. Wrapped coloured electrical tape around the tubing for a custom made hula-hoop.

24. Play Shoe-Pile Scramble

Everyone takes off their shoes and mixes them up in a pile. When the whistle blows players race to the pile, find their shoes, and puts them on. First one with shoes on wins.

25. Play Sponge Bulls-eye

Draw a target on the driveway. Everyone tries to hit the bulls-eye with a sponge.

26. Hold a Clothesline Art Show

Share the results of creative kids’ summer activities. Pin children’s drawings on a clothesline and invite the neighbours to the show.

27. Cool Off under a PVC Pipe Sprinkler

Once mom or dad makes this simple sprinkler, kids can have fun cooling off.

28. Organise a Neighbourhood Parade

Invite the neighbours to watch the parade as the kids ride or walk down the street in costumes with decorated bikes and wagons.

29. Make a Marble Launch

With a little adult help, it’s easy to turn a pool noodle into an outdoor raceway for marbles.

30. Draw Chalk Dress-up Dolls

Draw the outline of a child with chalk on the walk. The kids can chalk in the hair and features, then dress them up with their own clothes and shoes.

31. Make an Outdoor Water Bed

Tape together double layers of heavy plastic. Make a small hole for the hose. Fill it up with water. That’s all it takes to make a sturdy waterbed kids can jump and play on.

32. Play Ring Toss with Glow Necklaces

Light up the night by using glow necklaces and bracelets for a modern version of the classic ring toss game.

33. Bowl with Glow Stick Pins

Break glow sticks into plastic bottles of water. Set the bottles up like bowling pins on the sidewalk and toss a soft ball to knock them down. Perfect kids summer activity for a warm night.

34. Play Kickball Croquet

Turn pool noodles into large croquet hoops, anchored into the lawn with tent stakes. The first one to kick the ball through all the hoops wins.

35. Practice Throwing with Outdoor Tarp

Hang a plastic tarp between two trees. Cut out holes and let the kids practice throwing a ball through the holes.

It’s so easy to have great fun with simple activities like these. Share your favourite kids’ summer activities on Twitter. Maybe you’ll get more ideas in return.

Pictures credits: Featured image: Nina Matthews Image 1: Fernando Rodriguez Image 2: Sean Stevens Image 3: Amanda Tipton Image 4: Abbey Hambright Image 5: utahcountymom.com Image 6: innerchildfun.com


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