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Kids crafts: 10 DIY projects for children

Posted by Bridgman on

If you love DIY, why not encourage your kids to make their own projects? Keep them busy in an interesting way, try these kids crafts! We selected for you 10 very easy projects that take less than one hour. From 2 to 12 years old, find here inspiration for kids crafts!


1. Fingerprint Tree

Age: 2 - 9 years old | Estimated Time: < 1 hour | Easy Material: - Printed fall tree - Palette - Washable paint - choose the colours according to the season - Old newspapers to protect the workspace

1. Print the tree, display some colours in the palette and install it on a table covered by newspapers 2. Tell your kids to put their fingers in the paint - they can mix or not the colours - and to press them on the branches to create leaves 3. Allow to dry, and write the names of the artists!


2. Grass Heads

Age: 3 - 9 years old | Estimated Time: < 30 minutes | Easy Material: - socks (or any fabric with a loose weave) - pins - buttons - rubber bands - cup - soil - grass seeds

1. Pull the sock over the edge of the glass and add grass seeds 2. Add a bit of water to the soil, and fill the sock. It should remain over the edge 3. Secure the filled sock by closing it with a rubber band 4. Pin the buttons on the sock to make faces 5. Water them, and... wait! (It can take a few days, so keep watering the heads)


3. Tissue Paper Bouquet

Age: 3 - 9 years old | Estimated Time: < 1 hour | Easy Material: - coloured tissue paper - pipe cleaner - scissors - chopsticks

1. Pick up the colours you want for your flowers - 1 to 3 should be enough 2. Cut each sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise 3. Pile them all in top of each other and fold in accordion style. 4. Secure the accordion by tying a pipe cleaner in the middle 5. Cut the edge on both sides: round, wavy... it's up to you to design your own flower 6. Separate the sheets and fluff it one by one to make it look like a flower 7. Wrap the pipe cleaner around a chopstick


4. Flower cornet

Age: 4 - 9 years old | Estimated Time: < 30 minutes | Easy Material: - sturdy coloured paper - scissors - glue - hole punch - ribbon

1. Roll the paper to make a cone and glue it 2. Use the hole punch to make two holes on the side 3. Display flowers inside 4. Attach the ribbons, then hang the cornets as a decoration or offer them as a gift


5. Tissue Cherry Blossom Tree

Age: 4 - 10 years old | Estimated Time: < 30 minutes | Easy Material: - dry branches - pink tissue paper - glue - jar

1. Remove little twigs at the bottom of the branches 2. Cut small squares of paper and crumple it to make it look like a flower 3. Use the glue to fix it on the branches 4. Display the branches in a container


6. Pretty butterflies

Age: 4 - 8 years old | Estimated Time: < 30 minutes | Easy Material: - Coffee filter - Scissors - Felt pens - Wooden pegs - Pipe cleaners - Glue

1. Cut out the patterned edge of the coffee filter 2. Cut the other edge in a wing shape, and open the coffee filter 3. Use felt pens to draw on the wings - careful, colours will spread a little so don't try to draw precise designs 4. Draw a face on wooden pegs, and fix them in the middle of the wings 5. Fix two small pieces of pipe cleaner with glue at the top of each wooden peg as butterflies' antennas


7. Pinwheel

Age: 4 - 10 years old | Estimated Time: < 1 hour | Easy Material: - 2 sheets of paper (A4 is fine), with different colours or patterns if possible - 1 pencil with eraser - scissors - 1 push pin - 1 small bead - glue stick - felt pens if you wish to draw your own patterns

1. Take your paper and cut two squares of the same size, and draw patterns if you wish 2. Spread glue all over back sides of the two squares and stick them together 3. Cut along the diagonals, halfway to the center 4. Gather the corners to the center, and fix them with the push pin 5. Push the pin into the hole of the bead and then in the pencil's eraser. Wiggle and loosen the push pin a bit if the wheel does not rotate well


8. Flower cards

Age: 4 - 12 years old | Estimated Time: < 30 minutes | Easy Material: - dry flowers, like pansies or violas - thick paper - white or coloured, it's up to you - glue (a clear-drying one would be perfect) - tweezers - small paintbrush

1. Display a flower on your card, and use tweezers to make sure all petals are visible 2. Spread the glue all over one side of the flower with the paintbrush 3. Carefully stick the flower - one by one - on the card and allow to dry


9. Fork Printed Flowers

Age: 3 - 8 years old | Estimated Time: < 30 minutes | Easy Material: - plastic forks - paint of different colours - including green - sheets of paper - medium paintbrush

1. Dip the back of one fork into paint and press it against the paper. 2. Repeat this step as many times as you want, using different colours 3. Paint the stems with the brush, and try not to overlap with the flowers


10. Spring Sailboat

Age: 4 - 12 years old | Estimated Time: < 1 hour | Easy Material: - paper - play-dough or Blu-Tack - 1 drinking straw - 1 small can lid (coffee-can lid works very well)

1. Cut a right triangle out of the paper. The horizontal edge of the sail should be shorter than the vertical one. 2. Punch holes in the vertical edge (up to the top) and weave the drinking straw through them 3. Fix the straw and the lid together with play-dough or Blu Tack


Which one is your favorite? Did you try one? We'd love to see the results! Comment and add a picture please. Share inspiration, add pictures to your Pinterest board by clicking on them & share the article on Google +!

Tutorials & Images Credits: Featured image: Abby Bischoff Fingerprint Tree: Melissa Klinker Grass Heads: Stephanie Sims Tissue Paper Bouquet: Lara Housser Flower Cornet: Stephanie Sims Paper Cherry Blossom Tree: Martha Stewart Pretty butterflies: Pinwheel: Flower Card: Martha Stewart Fork Printed Flowers: Spring Sailboat: Martha Stewart


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