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Inspirational ways to Dye Easter eggs

Posted by Bridgman on

It's time to get messy with the glitter and glue as we show you how to create homemade Easter egg decorations to brighten up every room in the house. Fill bowls and baskets with these charming homemade creations and keep the kids busy for hours...

Inspirational Eggs

Instead of the usual choc-filled fest that is Easter, why not treat friends and family to a box brimming with charming, decorated eggs emblazoned with inspirational words for the season and beyond. First hard boil half a dozen eggs and let them cool completely. Pick up a cheap egg-dying kit from a craft shop or the internet and dye your eggs according to the instructions - the more colourful the better! Then, take a selection of permanent marker pens (we love Sharpies for the amazing palette of neon, pastel and metallic colours they have) and decorate your eggs with swirls, florals, stripes and spots and Easter-inspired phrases or uplifting mottos that won't fail to bring a smile to the recipient's face. For a step-by-step guide log on to And why not decorate the egg box too - paint all over in a vivid bold hue and cover with scrunched-up pieces of tissue paper and blobs of glitter.

Glitter Galaxy Easter Eggs

If you're anything like me, I always find a sprinkle of glitter makes the world a better place. So when I came across the Glitter Galaxy Easter egg easy craft hack on, Easter just became a touch more enjoyable (and it's difficult to top this celebratory choc-fest as it is). Be warned this is a messy one, so get plastic tablecloths and aprons at the ready. Stock up on plastic eggs (or glue together the eggs that snap apart) and tubes of superfine glitter in black, blue, purple and pink. The key to this one is layering the glitter (I did warn you this was messy) so start with a large blob of glue on the egg and roll into the blue glitter. Leave to dry, apply a smaller blob of glue on to the blue glitter and sprinkle on the purple glitter. Do the same with the pink glitter, leave it all to dry and you should be left with a swirly, galaxy pattern on one side of the egg. Finish off by covering the rest of the egg with black glitter and voilà - your own little cosmos in a box.

Minion Easter Eggs

What's not to love about a Minion - especially a gang of homemade minions complete with googly eyes! It's simple to make your own dyed Minion egg display (see a with just an egg dyeing kit, vinegar, stick-on movable eyes, black string, glue and a Sharpie. Either use hollowed out eggs (by blowing out the insides with a pin prick and keeping the yolk and white for scrambled egg later) or hard boil the eggs (these won't keep as long though). Carefully dye half of the egg yellow (the longer it sits in the dye the brighter the colour), leave to dry and turn over dyeing the other half blue. Attach the eyes and black string (for the goggles) with glue and draw in a mouth with your felt pen. It'll definitely make everyone 'Happy'!

Golden Eggs

This DIY egg decoration is so beautiful that you'll want to leave piles of them around your house for the rest of the year, not just for the Easter celebrations (just make sure you use blown-out eggs for this one). For this super-glitzy, glam make, simply spray the eggs with spray adhesive, wait a few minutes for it to get tacky and apply the metal leaf carefully by hand. Use a soft brush to press the metal in place and that's it for a treasure trove of gold, silver and copper precious eggs. Take the look one step further by, sticking on a few strips of washi tape before you get busy with the metal leaf; once you're done remove the washi to reveal the bare eggshell pattern. Head to for the full step by step guide.

Family Photo Eggs

We're still loving all things personalised for that bespoke touch and these family photo eggs make dead easy Easter decs (provided you've got access to a printer) and can even be given out as a quirky alternative to a choccy gift. If you're using hard boiled eggs, remember to tell friends and family to eat them fairly quickly though.

Here's our easy step-by-step tutorial to family photo eggs this Easter:

1 Take a few portrait shots of your pals

2 Print out on to sticker paper

3 Cut around the images in a cute circular shape to echo the outline of the egg

4 If you fancy, stick on a smattering of brightly-coloured sticker spots (or paint some on freehand) for a cute, polka-dot Easter feel

5 Stack in a basket or line up in egg cup holders and let the Easter festivities commence!

Have you had fun with your own Easter egg crafts? We'd love to see what you made…


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