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How to turn Wooden Pallets into Gorgeous Home Furnishings

Posted by Bridgman on

Wave goodbye to weekends spent at IKEA and other furniture shops. Now you can create home furnishings that are the perfect size and shape for your home, all from a wooden pallet. They're eco-friendly, versatile and cheap (sometimes even free) and they're the latest trend to be sweeping the internet. Every day more and more people are posting highly creative décor ideas using a wooden pallet and a little imagination. Can't find a side table that fits the gap next to your sofa? Then make one. You've run out of floor space in the garden? Well, then build a vertical planter. You don't need to be a DIY genius to turn old wooden pallets into amazing additions to your home or garden. So where do you find these pallets? Large warehouses will probably have contracts with pallet removal companies so they may not give them over (there's no harm in asking though). However, smaller companies are normally more than happy for you to take their old pallets off their hands. Just make sure you ask first before taking. Also, check sites such as Gumtree and Craiglist for unwanted pallets in your area. Once you have your pallet, then it's time to turn it into something amazing. Here are a few of our favourite design ideas: Indoor design ideas Coffee table


Long or square, short or tall, create the coffee table that fits your living room. Stain the wood in one colour, or go for a mix. Use the pallet as a whole to give yourself some storage space, or break it down and rearrange the wood in the way you want. Shelves


Pallets make natural shelves as they're strong and durable. Simply paint them the colour of your choice, stack them on their sides, fix them together and voilà. Perfect as a rustic-looking bookcase or for creating some much needed storage space. Cup holder


Free up some shelf space with this great cup holder. Nip down to your local DIY shop for some hooks, then it's just a case of creating the board, whatever size and colour you want. Side table


Why spend time searching for the right side table when you can make one the perfect size, height and shape for your living room or bedroom? Make the most of the wood's natural patterns to make a really special and unique piece. Clock


A simple idea that adults and kids alike will love. Paint it your way, whether you're looking for a lovely retro addition to your hallway or a bright splash of colour in a bedroom. And best of all they take no time at all to make! Storage box


Everything should have its own place. And if it doesn't, then why not build it a place. These boxes are simply made for storing winter clothes, or children's toys. Add a cushion on top and you've got an extra seat as well. Dog bed


Tired of finding hair all over the sofa? Well, give your dog or cat a bed of their own. We can't promise they'll use it, but at least the bed will look good. Shoe rack


Tired of shoes cluttering up your hallway? Tidy them away with an ever-so-simple shoe rack. Best of all, as they're so simple to make, if you buy more shoes you can just add another rack. Wine rack with glasses


While we're on the subject of racks... turn your kitchen into a French bistro by using pallets to create a stylish holder for wine bottles and glasses. Dining table


If you fancy a bigger project then why not try making your own dining table? The contrasting colours in the wood can make for a spectacular effect. And if you're still not sated, then you can make matching chairs or benches to go with it. Ideas for the kids


Forget about sofa cushions, now you can build your kids a fort that lasts. One storey, two storey... your imagination's the limit (and your ceiling height). Why not try this amazing bunk bed idea? Sleepovers just got a whole lot more fun.   Outdoor Flower pot stand


Some flowers should not be on the ground. Instead raise them up high with this flower pot stand, which is especially great for trailing plants. DIY planters


There's no end to the creative planters you can make with old pallets. Perfect for large shrubs and trees, or for lots of little plants like a herb garden. Running out of floor space? Well, then add a trellis or create a vertical planter. Garden furniture


Looking for something a bit different from your garden furniture? Pallets allow you to create wonderfully rustic-looking furniture to suit your lifestyle. Try painting and then sanding down the wood for a vintage look. Or simply add some cushions on top to create a wonderful outdoor lounging area for next-to-nothing. Swing seat


Swings aren't just for children. Add a little whimsy to your garden by stringing up one of these pallet swing chairs under a shady tree. Kids and adults alike will love it. Greenhouse


Greenhouses can be large and expensive. Here's a great idea for a cost-effective solution you can make in a day, using just an old pallet and a pane of glass.   Potting bench


Tools can be hard to find if they're kept in a box. Use pallets to create a gorgeous potting bench or tool rack that will put them all in their right place. Garden bench with storage


Looking for a place to keep your kneeling mat or your watering can? Build yourself a lovely garden bench that doubles as a seat, as well as a place to store your gardening essentials.   So what do you think? The humble pallet has certainly proven itself in our eyes. Tell us which design idea gets your thumbs up in the comments below. Share the inspiration with your friends on facebook, twitter and Google+. Or pin the photos for even more great ideas on Pinterest. You may also like these articles:


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