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How to Throw a Simple yet Utterly Scary Halloween Bash

Posted by Bridgman on

Celebrate the spooky season in style with a fun-filled, fright night at home with easy Halloween party games and finger food that both children and adults will love Growing up, I always loved Halloween. Perhaps it was simply that this spooky milestone signalled a step further to the big one (Christmas Day, that is) or, more likely, because my family have always been big party people and every celebration - from birthdays to anniversaries, Bonfire Night and results day - were (and still are) marked in a spectacular, 'let's put the flags out' kind of way with tables toppling with food and half the neighbourhood in tow. And that included Halloween festivities when we bobbed apples, trick or treated our way around the streets and filled up with spooky-themed food (my mum's jelly hand was legendary back in the day).


Halloween is big business these days, and the supermarket aisles are filled to brimming with ready-made witch's capes, Halloween treats and ghostly decorations, from the end of summer it seems. But there is something rather special about preparing your own freaky finger food and spooky party games for a more homespun, traditional take. Admittedly, I'm not the world greatest chef but even I can stretch to some of the simpler Halloween recipes you'll find on the internet. Slimy Bug Cups (or sweet jelly worms suspended in glass dishes of multicoloured jelly )will delight the kids, as will Frozen Banana Ghosts (whole frozen bananas wrapped in white chocolate with a lolly stick at the end) and Dead Man's Finger Sandwiches where you spread slices of white bread with strawberry or raspberry jam, roll each one into a long, finger shape and finish off with a whole almond on top (that's the pointy, witch's nail) and a blob of strawberry jam oozing out of the bottom (that's the blood, natch). Wash it all down with a blood-red Halloween punch made from a mix of cranberry juice, lemonade, lime juice and a handful of gummy shapes (and add a few slugs of vodka for a grown-up version!).


With the house decorated in fake cobwebs, trails of glitter-black spiders and of course, glowing pumpkin heads, be prepared with a handful of easy Halloween party games to suit all ages. Traditional games such as apples hanging from string (with contestants blindfolded in a head-to-head eating match) can be given a 21st century update with donuts, while bowls filled with cold, tinned spaghetti, peeled grapes, wobbly jelly and rice pudding will create the spookiest 'What's in the Bowl?' game (blindfolds obligatory here too!). You can never go wrong with bobbing apples, and one of my favourites, 'Mummy Wrap' where team of two are given rolls of toilet roll or crepe paper and one team member must race to wrap the other one head to toe to become a mummy. Crank up Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and you can't fail to get everyone in the party mood...


  We would like to know what you guys are doing this Halloween, comment below and share this article on facebook, Twitter and Google+. Happy Halloween!!! :) featured image source: pinterest.com    


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