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How to nail new coastal cool for your home

Posted by Bridgman on

Design gurus agree, the coastal look is a perennial (and reliable) fave for our interiors, year in, year out, but for 2015 there's a new breed of coastal coming to a home near you. Yes, it's time to ditch the stripes (just for now!), all that bold, maritime navy, red and white, and your favourite pebble wall art, and try something far more modern, sophisticated and timeless that will look spot-on for 12 months of the year (and not just for the summer season). So, even if you live in the heart of a sprawling city or smack bang in the middle of a rural idyll (with the nearest taste of salty air and stretch of sandy beach, miles away) here's our top three style rules for modern coastal with serious design clout:   1 Be pale and interesting Today's coastal style hinges on subtle, serene tones to recreate the relaxed, feel-good atmosphere of life by the sea. Key to the look is a bleached-out, light-enhancing backdrop, with walls painted in crisp, chalky whites and whitewashed floorboards underfoot. Sprinkle with a palette of sandy neutrals, watery blues and pebble grey for an effortless look that can be altered according to the seasonal mood with different accessories.

"A canvas of sandy tones and sunbleached wood offers the sunny foundations for a stunning 'Boat House' look," explains Sarah Waters, senior creative buyer at casafina.com. "Plus this neutral colour palette creates a sense of light."

  2 Try a new pattern clash You might think you can't live without a nautical stripe, but for a fresher, more contemporary spin, mix up vintage seaside prints, ditsy florals, simple geometrics and even polka dots. Cover your favourite chair in one of Cath Kidston's charming fabrics such as the rainbow-hued, River Fish or, my favourite, the charming blue and white Cloud print. Walls can get a modern makeover too thanks to Sanderson's Sail Away wallpaper which displays a whimsical scene of sail boats

"Coastal schemes should be relaxed and informal, giving the impression of salty air and sandy feet even if you live in the city," adds David Collinge at Ian Mankin fabrics. "Simple, unassuming and elegant, linen and other utilitarian fabrics are essential coastal style components, lending a breezy summer look that works all year round."

  3 Have fun! Now, we're not suggesting for a moment that you dust off your Kiss-Me-Quick hat or that lighthouse ornament you bought on a whim during a day out at the seaside. But, the real beauty of the new coastal vibe is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a classy look for sure, but one you can pepper with quirky shell and coral ornaments, colourful seafood prints on your kitchen linens and bright sunny slogans on the odd cushion or two. "Create a playful look," advises Kristina Lindhe, founder of Lexington Company. "Being by the coast is so much fun and this should translate into your interior."   Are you a fan of the new coastal look - either in one room or throughout your home? We'd love to see and hear your design tips and inspirational images... Share on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below!   Featured image: A Beach Cottage Image 1: A Beach Cottage Image 2: Sanderson Image 3: Eastern Accents


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