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How To Create a Relaxing Retreat in the Garden

Posted by Bridgman on

A quiet, serene spot away from the hubbub of everyday life might just be what the doctor ordered - especially now spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. So whatever size your garden and whether you live in a sprawling town or a rural idyll, here's a few top tips for dreaming up a dedicated retreat outdoors amid all that glorious fresh air

A Spot In The Sun

One of the easiest ways to create an outdoor retreat is by splashing out on comfy, well-built garden furniture and setting it up in the sunniest, most secluded spot. We have a large selection of styles at Bridgman in hardwearing, all-seasons rattan to suit every look - from curved modular sofas to sun loungers and swing seats for two. There's also single and super size double sunbeds with ergonomic arm and back rests which can be finished off with waterproof scatter cushions in a rainbow of colours. And relax...


Urban Matters

If you live smack bang in the middle of an urban sprawl, background noise might affect how restful your garden feels. Unwelcome noise from nearby traffic, airport fly-overs or ongoing roadworks will certainly hinder the calm and serenity you are hankering after, but there are a few clever tricks you can try out. Go for dense, vertical planting around the perimeter of your garden to absorb the noise and plant in layers and in different heights - tallest at the back, and shorter shrubs at the front - to dampen unwanted sounds even further. If that isn't possible, enclose one area of your landscape with a leafy-covered pergola or install a soothing water feature to counteract any irritating background buzz.


Upgrade The Garden Shed

Your garden shed doesn't have to be a dusty, musty forgotten part of your garden filled with cobwebs and old paint pots. With just a little TLC these cute wooden houses can be transformed into a tranquil spot for reading, chilling out or even doing a spot of work (if you want to go the whole hog and fit it out with lighting and heating). First clear yours out and give the floors a good sweep, then paint the outside in a beautiful vintage shade such as sage green or duck egg blue using tough exterior garden paint. Install a couple of comfy chairs cosied up with pretty cushions, hang up some cute bunting and relax for the afternoon with a good book. When evening falls, light a few scented candles and switch on your battery-operated fairylights and chat the night away with good friends and a good bottle of wine.  


Take A Relaxed Approach

There's nothing like spending a few hours reclining in a hammock when the sun's shining. String up a traditional design between two trees or buy one with a built-in stand that can be set up in a quiet corner of the garden. Otherwise grab a couple of beanbags (you can get huge maxi-size versions these days with waterproof fabrics) and a picnic blanket and stretch out with a good book for the afternoon. Set up a small table or tray nearby for cool drinks or even afternoon tea for one with a fresh pot of Earl Grey and generous slab of cake.



Do you have your own very special outdoor retreat where you can escape for a few hours? We'd love to hear your thoughts and see your images.



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