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6 Ways to Decorate your Home in between Seasons

Posted by Bridgman on

If you decorate for the holidays, you know there’s a “doughnut hole” of sorts between Valentine’s Day and Easter. While there are some minor holidays as winter turns to spring, there’s nothing big for most of us to celebrate. So, those of us who are avid decorators find a reason for festivities – a reason we can always find in the seasons.

Following are 6 ideas to (re)decorate your home in between seasons.


Signs of Spring

“As winter turns to spring”…well, if that’s not worth some new decorating touches, what is? Go outside and look for subtle signs of spring that you can bring into the house. Bare branches look sculptural in solid-coloured vases displayed on the mantel. String them up with tiny lights if you like. Bring in twigs of forsythia or flowering quince and be rewarded with flowers as the warmth of your home coaxes the buds to burst into bloom.

Unfolding of Ferns

The unfolding of fern fronds heralds the beginning of spring. Make a bouquet of fronds in a glass vase and watch as the so-called fiddleheads uncurl and reach their full size. There are so many different kinds of ferns that you can create a very interesting display using assorted glass bottles and jars. Add colour with colourful stones or glass balls in the bottom of the glass containers.

Miniature Landscapes

Ferns and moss go together, indoors and out. Create a little landscape in a low bowl using moss as the groundcover and ferns as the plants and trees. Make paths with aquarium gravel and add miniature arbours and benches. How about a few tiny people strolling in the spring sunshine? Top the miniature landscape off with a few small cones, leaves, or pine needles.

Temporary Wreaths

Talking about arrangements, why not create a wreath of sorts out of natural objects you collect outside? This wreath is easy because it doesn’t have to hang and it’s meant to last only a short time. Just arrange your cones, leaves, shells, and feathers in the shape of a wreath on your coffee table. Add to it whether you want, and disassemble it when you are ready for new decorations.

Plants and Grasses

Of course you can always use actual plants to create an early spring décor. Dainty pots of yellow miniature narcissus arranged with bowls of fragrant paper white narcissus shout, “spring is here!”

Many ornamental grasses retain their long blades over winter if they weren't cut in the fall. You will need to cut them almost to the ground before they start to grow, so do it now and arrange the grasses in big vases. They’re already dead, so you don’t need containers that can hold water. You can even use cardboard boxes for a very clever display.

Dishes with Spring Themes

Another way to bring spring into your home as you wait for the real spring to appear is to display plates and bowls decorated with leaves and flowers. Take them out of the back of your china closet and put them out on the mantel. If you don’t have any, you can surely find inexpensive ones in resale shops. Roses and trailing ivy are among the most popular designs for dishes.


I think you get the idea. Just because this is not the season for typical celebrations doesn’t mean you can’t find a reason for sprucing up your indoor décor. For those of us who love to decorate, there’s always a reason to decorate and always a way to do it!

Now, I'd like to hear from you. How do you decorate in between seasons? Do you keep Winter and Christmas decoration as long as possible or do you take all of them down as soon as the first warm and sunny days are here? Don't hesitate: share with us a picture of your own in between seasons decoration!


Images Credits: Featured Image: Michaeljzealot Image 1: Mark Denovich Image 2: Tom Gill Image 3: Jenniferworthen Image 4: Karen Cox Image 5: Elle_Ann Image 6: Shandi-Lee Cox


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